Minimum Enrollment

Full-Day Students

Half-Day Students

Alternative Attendance Accounting Program

Attendance for State Funding Purposes

19 TAC 129.21(g)–(h)

Funding for Off-Campus Programs


The student is participating in a board-approved activity under the direction of a member of a district's professional or paraprofessional staff, or an adjunct staff member who has a bachelor's degree and is eligible for participation in TRS. [See FM]

The student is participating in a mentorship approved by district personnel to serve as one or more of the advanced measures needed to complete the Advanced/Distinguished Achievement Program outlined in 19 Administrative Code Chapter 74.

The student is absent for one of the purposes listed at EXCUSED ABSENCES FOR COMPULSORY ATTENDANCE DETERMINATIONS in FEA(LEGAL).

The student is in attendance at a dropout recovery education program, including a program operated by a public junior college under Education Code 29.402. [See GNC]

The student's absence is permitted by other conditions related to off-campus instruction described in theSAAH.

Education Code 25.087, 29.081(e), (f); 19 TAC 129.21(i)–(k)


Education Code 42.0051

Parental Consent to Leave Campus

Lumberton ISD



DATE ISSUED: 2/10/2017