Required Training

TEC, Section 11.159 and BBD (Legal) with the exceptions of specific open meetings and open records training refer only to independent school district board members. It does not address training requirements for county school board members. Commissioner Mike Moses—October 16, 1995.

Training Activities

Each Board member shall be provided with opportunities to develop a broad and comprehensive understanding of the Department and other Departments. In addition to required training activities, the following methods may be used; budgetary considerations permitting.

  1. Membership in state and national school board associations.
  2. Attendance at conventions, conferences, and clinics sponsored by educational institutions, industry, school board associations, colleges and universities, and any other appropriate sponsors.
  3. Subscriptions to school board newsletter services, journals, and bulletins of direct use to the Board.
  4. Visitation of districts where model or outstanding programs may be observed.
  5. Visitation of industrial or business installations where the program is related to the educational program of the District.

Public Information Coordinator

The Superintendent shall fulfill the responsibilities of the public information coordinator and shall receive, on behalf of Board members, the training specified by Government Code 552.012.

Harris County Department of Education



DATE ISSUED: 9/19/2006