Disposal of Property

All useful, damaged property owned by the Department shall be repaired when economically feasible. All unrepairable, obsolete, un-usable or surplus property shall be stored or kept in a secure place. The Superintendent or designee is authorized to dispose of proper-ty that is no longer necessary for Department operations in an ap-propriate matter and in accordance with this policy.

The Superintendent or designee shall establish procedures for the sale at fair market value of any surplus personal property such as books, equipment, and supplies. The Superintendent or designee is authorized to declare Department materials, equipment, personal property such as vehicles, and supplies to be unnecessary and shall dispose of unnecessary materials, equipment, personal property such as vehicles, and supplies for fair market value. If the unnecessary property has no value, such property may be disposed of according to administrative discretion.

Instructional materials shall be disposed of in accordance with law. [See CMD(LEGAL)]

Property obtained with federal funds or as federal surplus shall be managed in accordance with federal law.

Procedure for Disposal of Damaged, Obsolete or Unusable Property

Disposal of such property shall be in accordance with the following procedures:

  1. When items are of little value or have limited use and competitive bids are not practical, the Superintendent or designee shall have the authority to dispose of such items if the individual value of an item does not exceed $1000. These items may be disposed of on the basis of competitive quotations or by offering them for sale at a predetermined price based on the last price the Department received for like items during a public sale. Department employees may purchase such items. Items that are unrepairable may be discarded.
  2. Disposal of property estimated to bring more than $1000 shall be by the taking of competitive sealed bids from three or more interested parties or by holding a public auction. The administration is authorized to hold as often as necessary a public sale to dispose of these items. Department employees may purchase such items at public sale.
  3. The Department may contract with a salvage service to dispose of property.

Proceeds of the sale of damaged, obsolete, or unusable property shall be deposited in the fund that financed the original purchase of the property, and if applicable, grant funds will be credited their pro rata share of the proceeds.

Harris County Department of Education



DATE ISSUED: 7/17/2020