Bus Stops

All students who use Department transportation shall board buses at appropriate stops. Drivers shall load and unload passengers only at appropriate stops.

Safety Precautions

Safety precautions shall be exercised in transportation operations at all times.

If at any time the bus driver has reason to believe that road or vehicle conditions may not be safe, the driver shall pull over and stop in a safe place until conditions are safe, take a different route that is safe, or, if it is safe to do so, return to the place of origin.

No Transporting Students in Private Vehicles

An employee may transport students only if the employee has been licensed and certified to drive a school bus and, in accordance with the employee's duties, is operating an HCDE school bus for appropriate student transportation purposes.

An employee may not transport students in a private vehicle for any purpose. HCDE insurance will not apply to protect the student or the employee in the event of an injury.

See DHC(LEGAL) for bus driver requirements.

Harris County Department of Education



DATE ISSUED: 5/13/2005