Immunization Requirements

Note: Immunization requirements and the recommended immunization schedule are on the TDSHS website.

Immunization Awareness Program

A list, in English and Spanish, of:

The immunizations required by TDSHS for admission to public school;

Any immunizations or vaccines recommended for public school students by TDSHS. The list must include the influenza vaccine, unless TDSHS requires the influenza vaccine for admission to public school; and

Health clinics in the district that offer the influenza vaccine, to the extent those clinics are known to the district; and

A link to the TDSHS Internet website where a person may obtain information relating to the procedures for claiming an exemption from the immunization requirements. The link must be presented in the same manner as the information provided under paragraph 1.



If the student submits to the admitting official:

An affidavit or a certificate signed by a physician (M.D. or D.O.) who is duly registered and licensed to practice medicine in the United States and who has examined the student.

An affidavit signed by the student or, if a minor, the student's parent or guardian stating that the student declines immunization for reasons of conscience, including a religious belief. The affidavit will be valid for a two-year period.

If the student can prove that he or she is a member of the armed forces of the United States and is on active duty.

Provisional Admission

Completion of Vaccinations

Review of Status

Homeless Student

Child in Foster Care

Transfer Students

Military Dependents

Evidence of Immunization

Documentation of vaccines administered that includes the signature or stamp of the physician or his or her designee, or public health personnel; immunization records generated from electronic health record systems must include clinic contact information and the provider's signature/stamp;

An official immunization record generated from a state or local health authority; or

A record received from school officials including a record from another state.

Immunization Records

The immunizations as required by law;

Proof as required by law that the child is not required to be immunized; or

Proof that the child is entitled to provisional admission under law.

Transfer of Records

Annual Report

Consent to Immunization

A guardian of the child; and

A person authorized under the law of another state or a court order to consent for the child.

The persons listed above are not available; and

The district has written authorization to consent from a person listed above.

Expressly refused to give consent to the immunization;

Been told not to consent for the child; or

Withdrawn a prior written authorization for the district to consent.

Consent by Child

Duty to Provide Information

Form of Consent


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DATE ISSUED: 7/10/2018