Student Handbook—Student Code of Conduct

The Department rules of conduct and discipline, maintained in the student handbook and/or the Board-adopted Student Code of Conduct, are established to achieve and maintain order in the schools, and to teach respect toward others and responsible behavior. [See FO series]

Extracurricular Activities: Standards of Behavior

With the approval of the principal/center directors and Superintendent, sponsors and coaches of extracurricular activities may develop and enforce standards of behavior that are higher than the Department-developed Student Code of Conduct and may condition membership or participation in the activity on adherence to those standards. [See FO(LOCAL)]

Prohibited Harassment

Students shall not engage in prohibited harassment, including sexual harassment, of:

  1. Other students, as defined at FFH.
  2. Department employees, as defined at DIA.

While subject to the disciplinary control of the District, students shall not engage in prohibited harassment, including sexual harassment, of other persons, including Board members, vendors, contractors, volunteers, or parents.

Students who violate this prohibition are subject to appropriate discipline in accordance with the Student Code of Conduct.

Behavioral Standards

The following specific policies address student conduct in the areas of:

  1. Attendance—FEC
  2. School-sponsored publications—FMA
  3. Appropriate attire and grooming—FNCA
  4. Damage to school property—FNCB
  5. Prohibited organizations and hazing—FNCC
  6. Tobacco use—FNCD
  7. Telecommunications devices—FNCE
  8. Drug and alcohol use—FNCF
  9. Weapons—FNCG
  10. Assault—FNCH
  11. Disruptions—FNCI, GKA

Harris County Department of Education



DATE ISSUED: 3/22/2006