A full-time employee of the College District shall notify his or her supervisor prior to engaging in outside employment. Outside employment must not interfere with College District employment.

Examples of outside employment that would be considered as interfering with College District employment include, but are not limited to, situations that:

  1. Result in an employee's absence from work;
  2. Interfere with an employee's duties during regular work hours;
  3. Interfere with an employee's satisfactory performance of as-signed duties and responsibilities;
  4. Compete with the College District's programs and services;
  5. Adversely affect an employee's physical or mental well-being;
  6. Use College District resources including, but not limited to:
    1. Computers;
    2. Copiers;
    3. Materials;
    4. Equipment;
    5. Facilities; or
    6. College District personnel;
  7. Present a conflict of interest;
  8. Violate any of the principles established in the employee standards of conduct;
  9. Reflect badly upon the College District or the employee in-volved; and
  10. Violate applicable laws and regulations.

Outside employment shall not be considered an excuse for poor job performance, absenteeism, tardiness, leaving early, refusal to travel, refusal to work overtime, or refusal to work different hours. If outside work activity causes or contributes to job-related problems, it must be discontinued and, if necessary, normal disciplinary procedures shall be followed to deal with the specific problem.

Lee College


LDU 2021.01

DATE ISSUED: 4/26/2021