Only those persons employed on a regular full-time basis shall be eligible for paid leaves and absences. For purposes of this policy, regular full-time basis is defined by the employee's contract or the salary scale. All other categories of employees do not earn and shall not be eligible for any leave benefits.

Personal Illness

Sick leave entitlement shall be earned at the rate of nine hours for each month or fraction of a month of employment and shall accumulate with the unused amount of such leave carried forward each month. Nine hundred sixty hours' maximum cumulative sick leave may accrue for eligible employees. No sick leave accrues for part-time employment, including summer teaching. Employees using more than five consecutive days of their accumulated sick leave may be required to present a medical doctor's certification of illness.

In the event that an employee leaves the College District and has used annual sick leave that has not accrued, a deduction for unearned sick leave shall be made in the employee's final pay check.

In the event that a new employee does not report the first day of the college term, his or her salary and benefits shall not begin until he or she reports for duty. Regular sick leave policies shall apply to other employees who are absent the first day of a term.

Eligible employees who are on any type of sick leave shall not earn regular sick leave until they return to work on a regular full-time basis.

Extended Sick Leave

After using his or her accumulated paid leave including accrued vacation, an employee shall receive 60 percent of his or her regular base pay for a period not to exceed six months (1,040 hours) inclusive of any holidays, at which time his or her pay shall cease until his or her return to work on a full-time basis. An employee who has used six months (1,040 hours) of extended sick leave must return to work on a full-time basis for a minimum of six consecutive months before again being eligible for extended sick leave benefits. Employees utilizing sick leave under this extended sick leave program shall be required to present a medical doctor's certification of illness. Before returning to work, the employee must present a medical doctor's certificate indicating his or her fitness to resume his or her normal assigned duties. Employees who are on extended sick leave at the beginning of the fiscal year shall not be eligible for any salary step increase until their return to duty.

Sick Leave Report

Employees shall be kept informed of the status of their accrued sick leave.

Family Emergency Leave

All full-time, regular employees shall be granted emergency leave annually with full pay for a period not to exceed 64 working hours for a family emergency due to illness/bereavement, to be taken by the anniversary of the date of employment. This entitlement shall not be carried forward into subsequent years.

Relatives who qualify as family under terms of this policy shall consist of the employee's spouse, son, daughter, parent, grandparent, brother, sister, aunt/uncle, grandchild, niece or nephew (or the spouse of any of them) of the employee or his or her spouse, and shall include other related persons living as family members in the employee's household.

The employee requesting a paid leave for family emergency due to illness/bereavement shall be responsible for providing a satisfactory explanation to support the request for leave within three workdays of commitment of the leave (the term "emergency," by definition, means the situation may possibly not be known in advance). This does not, however, relieve the employee of the responsibility to notify his or her supervisor of the absence. Paid leaves under the terms of this policy must be approved by the appropriate dean.

Professional Leave

An administrator or faculty member on regular status may apply for a professional growth leave of absence to the dean of instruction. Professional growth leaves of absence shall be without pay and shall be granted on the basis of a 12-month period or less. Granting of such leaves shall not be automatic and shall depend on the staff requirements of the College District at the time of application. Such application shall be made in February prior to the academic year of the proposed leave. (Exceptional opportunities for professional leave may be considered at other times but require an application at least six months prior to the proposed leave.) No more than two faculty members and one administrator per semester may be on professional leave of absence.

An administrator or faculty member on regular status may apply for partial leave of absence (reduced load with reduced pay). The faculty member's office hours, committee assignments, curriculum development, and other duties shall be proportionally reduced but not eliminated. A maximum of two faculty members and two administrators per semester may be on partial leave of absence.

Such leave may be renewed if it does not disrupt College District staffing or cause other unusual institutional inconvenience. The time spent on this type of leave shall be counted for longevity purposes for salary step increases, and the following fringe benefits shall be available as allowed by law: educational assistance, participation in the College District's group insurance plan, accumulation of a pro rata share of sick leave, and participation in the approved retirement plan. The employee may have to pay all or a greater portion of his or her health insurance during the leave period. The employee should check with human resources regarding impact on benefits.

An administrator or faculty member must return to full-time status for five years before being eligible to apply for another professional leave of absence.

All professional leaves of absence require Board approval.


Any full-time faculty, administrator, librarian, or counselor who has served at the College District for five consecutive years and/or is eligible for a regular contract may apply for a professional development leave (sabbatical). The exception to this is full-time Huntsville faculty who have served the College District on a full-time basis with satisfactory evaluations for five consecutive years.

A review committee shall be responsible for accepting and evaluating applications and making recommendations to the College President. Not more than six percent of full-time faculty may be recommended. The College President shall recommend to the Board the awarding of sabbaticals. Awarding of sabbaticals is dependent upon funding availability.

A recipient shall receive full pay for a semester or one-half pay for two-semester leave. An employee on a sabbatical shall continue to receive all institutional benefits. Persons may not engage in employment during the sabbatical unless such paid employment is a condition of the professional development leave project for insurance or other reasons. Such pay shall be deducted from the salary component of the leave.

The recipient of a sabbatical must agree in writing to return to the College District for a period of two years, or upon completion of leave, return the entire leave stipend (including benefits) to the College District.

Military Business

Employees may use their sick leave to take required physical examinations for the Armed Forces.

Jury Duty

An employee shall be granted, with regular base pay, whatever time is required for serving on jury duty. Proof of such service may be required.

Leave with Pay

Upon specific need of the College District as determined by the Board, leave with pay may be granted to an employee.

Personal Leave Day

All full-time College District employees are eligible for one personal leave day annually to be taken by the anniversary of the date of employment. All personal leave days shall have the prior approval of the supervisor and shall not interfere with the ongoing work of the unit. A personal leave day shall be charged for any personal leave day, or portion thereof, taken. Personal leave days shall not be carried forward into subsequent years. No pay is granted for unused personal leave days.

Workers' Compensation Leave Provisions

An employee shall use his or her available local sick leave for absences due to injuries covered by workers' compensation until he or she is eligible for workers' compensation pay benefits.

When an employee receives workers' compensation pay benefits, the College District shall pay the difference between the weekly income benefit and the employee's regular weekly compensation up to six calendar months.

If after the 180-day elimination period an employee is still receiving workers' compensation benefits, the employee shall be placed on the College District's long-term disability insurance program.

Vacation Leave

All full-time employees other than faculty shall be entitled to a vacation with pay as outlined below.

An eligible employee shall be entitled to a vacation each year based on continuous active service with the College District. Vacation credit will be granted for each month, or part thereof, of employment as follows:

Years 1 through 7 — 9 hours per month.

Years 8 through 14 — 12 hours per month.

Years 15 through 25 — 16 hours per month.

Year 26 and after — 18 hours per month.

Scheduling and Accrual

An employee shall be eligible to schedule a vacation, to the extent of the employee's accrued vacation time, at any time in a vacation- eligible position. Vacations shall be scheduled and approved well in advance by the appropriate supervisor. Vacation time shall be taken so as not to interfere with the operation of the College District. Vacation leave accrues, from date of employment, for each month employed. Employees may accumulate annual vacation leave in accordance with their years of service as follows:

Years 1 through 7 — 148 hours.

Years 8 through 14 — 184 hours.

After 15 years — 232 hours.

Administrators at the level of dean or above shall be placed at Level 2. If such administrators have 15 or more years of full-time professional service in a higher education setting, they shall be eligible for Level 3.

College District personnel moving from faculty to administrative positions shall retain their accumulated years of experience as a part of the formula for calculating vacation days.

Employees shall not be paid for accrued vacation time except upon termination from College District employment. If the terminating employee has had at least 12 months of continuous employment in a vacation-eligible position, he or she will be paid for accrued vacation time at his or her then existing regular base pay rate, not to exceed the maximum allowed accumulation stated above.

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LDU 2017.04

DATE ISSUED: 12/21/2017