Energy Conservation

The District will maintain accurate records of energy consumption and costs on a monthly basis. Energy audits will be conducted at each facility, and recommendations will be made for conserving energy. Information will be furnished to the media on goals and progress of the energy conservation program.

Specific areas of individual responsibility will include the following:

The E.M.S. department will be responsible for the efficient shutdown of all energy-consuming systems and devices at the end of each day of normal operations.

The director of maintenance and operations will be responsible for the overall energy efficiency of the buildings; this responsibility will be reviewed during annual evaluations.

Specific areas of implementation include the following actions:

Guidelines will be established by the E.M.S. department to detail specific areas of energy use.

Shutdown schedules will be written and distributed to improve energy efficiency for all District facilities.

Short- and Long-Range Plans

The Superintendent or designee will develop short- and long-range plans to promote strategies in the area of facilities management, as well as energy awareness and conservation.

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LDU 2007.06

DATE ISSUED: 10/10/2007