Parental Bonding Leave

Verification of the date of the birth of the child, or the date of placement in the home for adoptive purposes, will accompany the written request to the Superintendent for parental bonding leave.

Computation for Leave

The following computation will be used:

The number of days that a person is scheduled to earn in a year will be divided by 12 to arrive at a monthly value, i.e., ten days - 12 will give .83 days per month.

The number of months from the date of employment for new hires to July 1 will be multiplied by the weighted value derived at item 1. The computer will figure days for all employees automatically after the first calculation.

All days will be rounded to the nearest one-half day.

Months will be determined by mid-month (15th), i.e., a person who begins on April 10 will get credit for April whereas a person who begins on April 16 will not.

School Business Leave

Once a classroom teacher has missed ten days of work for any reason, he or she will no longer be approved for school business leave for the remainder of that school year.

Reimbursement for Local Leave Upon Retirement

Payments will be made, for employees age 55 or older, directly into the District local leave deferral plan as an employer contribution. Distributions will be made after 45 days but within six months from the date of retirement as verified by TRS, or in the case of death, upon receipt of a death certificate. Requests for reimbursement of local leave must be made at the time of retirement from the District.

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LDU 2011.07

DATE ISSUED: 10/28/2011