Districtwide Educational Improvement Council

Election Procedures


The purpose of these procedures is to establish a process for the nomination and election of representatives to the Districtwide Educational Improvement Council. These procedures supplement Board policy EA(LOCAL).

At least 25 working days before the date set for the election, the Superintendent shall issue a written notice to all eligible staff that an election shall be conducted for representatives to the council on such date, and that nominations may be made in accordance with these procedures.

In order to be nominated, an employee must have completed three years of professional experience, with the last two years being within the representative grouping within the District. The nominee must present a nominating petition to the Superintendent in the form prescribed by the District [see Exhibit A]. The nominating petition shall include the nominee's name; position with the District; representative grouping for which election is sought; the names, original signatures, and positions of at least ten other professional employees who support the nomination; and verification by the nominee that he or she voluntarily accepts the nomination. Nominating petitions may not be circulated in any manner that would interfere with the work of others.

Nominating forms shall be presented to the Superintendent or designee at least 15 working days before the date set for election. The date and time for closing nominations shall be announced by the Superintendent at the same time and in the same manner that the election is announced.


Campaign literature shall be limited to material suitable for posting only. One or more bulletin boards shall be designated at each campus, in the faculty lounge, or other employee areas, to be used for the posting of campaign material.

Material to be posted shall be limited to a maximum size of 8 1/2" x 11" and shall be professional in content. Each nominee shall be entitled to one posting at any given time on each bulletin board designated for campaign material. If space is insufficient, requirements may be adjusted to permit equal access by all nominees.

School equipment or supplies may be used only for bulletin board posting materials relative to the campaign.

Employees may not campaign in a manner that would interfere with the work of others.

General Conduct of Election

The election of representatives to the council shall be made by secret ballot and shall be conducted in a manner that shall permit the making of a free choice by each voter.

Election by Polling

On the date set for the election, at least one polling place shall be established at each campus, with all polls to be open during the official school day.

Polling places should be located in areas that permit employees to vote in private (e.g., a vacant office or classroom) and should be monitored by at least one employee who is not a nominee.

Upon entering the polling place, each voter shall be required to sign their name on a list of eligible voters for their representative grouping at the campus in which the polling place is located. Eligible voters include all persons employed by the District in a representative grouping on the date of the election. Employees may only vote at their assigned campus.

Each voter shall be furnished a ballot containing the names of all nominees in their representative grouping. The ballot shall contain instructions as to how many nominees may be chosen by the voter, consistent with the number of persons to be elected from the particular grouping involved.

Boxes shall be provided at each location for the collection of completed ballots. The integrity of the ballot box shall be protected at all times by assigned staff. Upon closing of the polls, all ballot boxes shall be delivered to the administration building for tabulation by assigned staff. Each candidate has the option of being present or having a representative present during the tabulation of the votes.

Results of the Election

The nominee(s) with the greatest number of votes in each representative grouping shall be elected to the council. In the event of a tie vote, a runoff election shall be held. The runoff election shall be held within ten working days following the regular election and shall be conducted in accordance with the same procedures as the regular election. The nominee with the next greatest number of votes in each representative grouping shall be a designated alternate to the council.


Each employee has the right to participate or not participate in the nomination process, the campaign, and the election process, as a matter of choice.

Resolution of Protests

Any protest arising with respect to a nomination or the conduct or result of an election shall be submitted to a committee of three persons selected by the Superintendent. The committee shall consist of campus-based personnel including an administrator, a teacher, and a support professional, who are not nominees. The committee shall meet and decide the dispute promptly, in order to avoid delay of the election process. The decision of a majority of the committee shall be final.

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DATE ISSUED: 7/1/2002