Excuse from Physical Education

The principal of the school is responsible for administering policy EHAA(LOCAL). Medical excuses received from a physician of the healing arts lawfully qualified to practice in the State of Texas and within the prescribed guidelines of the physician's licensing board, may request that a student be excused from physical education.

Copies of the medical request with the principal's signed approval should be filed with the student's permanent records, the school nurse, the counselor, the classroom teacher, and the physical education teacher.

The Medical Practice Act of Texas and other statutes relating to physicians, Texas State Board of Medical Examiners, January, 1982 cites the Healing Arts Identification Act, Article 4590e. The Act states that the following are the legally required identifications for every person licensed to practice the healing arts:


Requests from parents of students for daily or temporary excuses from participation in physical education shall be in writing and shall be submitted to the physical education teacher for approval. The physical education teacher may accept a written excuse from the parent for the first three days for an obvious condition or injury. On the fourth day, the physical education teacher shall refer the student to the nurse, who in turn may excuse the student up to an additional ten school days. At the end of this period, the nurse shall require written medical instructions from a physician. Upon written request of parents, and a minister or other recognized church official, a student may be excused from certain physical education activities which may infringe upon an individual's religious convictions. In these instances, the physical education instructor shall plan alternative activities within the scope of the program for the individual student.

Personnel are encouraged to develop appropriate physical activities for students who may have physical disabilities (a broken limb, allergies, etc.) in accordance with medical instructions.

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DATE ISSUED: 7/15/1985