Students are expected to drive with caution when driving on or near a school campus.

Students operating vehicles on school property are expected to obey the same laws regulating traffic on highways and streets and District policies and regulations.

Students are expected to park in designated student parking areas only.

Students found parked in unauthorized areas are subject to receipt of warning ticket or towing at owner's expense.

Unauthorized parking areas are identified as follows:

Parking adjacent to all red curbs.

Parking in driveway entrances/exits.

Parking on grassed areas.

Parking in designated visitor slots when not a bona fide visitor.

Parking in designated handicapped areas unless authorized.

Parking in designated "No Parking" areas.

Parking in such a way as to create a safety hazard.

Parking in designated "Bus Loading Zones."


The District police chief is responsible for administering policy and regulations concerning traffic and parking.

Vehicles will normally be given one warning ticket. However, vehicles parked in such a manner as to create a safety hazard, i.e., along a designated red curb or in such a manner as to impede the normal flow of traffic, will be towed away at owner's expense.

Only the District police chief or an employee of that department may issue a ticket, or authorize a vehicle to be towed.

Operators of vehicles that have been towed off may obtain the location of their vehicle by reporting to the office of the District police chief.

The District police chief will maintain adequate records of towed vehicles.

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DATE ISSUED: 7/1/2002