The commencement programs for the District shall be conducted according to the following guidelines:

Students shall be grouped, recognized, and permitted to participate in ceremonies by the following categories:

Students who have satisfied all requirements for graduation with honors. Honor students shall be seated alphabetically, after the valedictorian and salutatorian, according to magna and cum laude honors.

Other students who have satisfied all requirements for graduation.

A student who does not meet the above requirements may, by taking distance learning courses or attending summer school or night school, participate in a summer graduation ceremony in September. The ceremony shall include graduates of all District high schools.

A meeting shall be held to ensure that students understand the requirements for graduation and for participation in the commencement program.

Students shall be required to participate in the practice exercises for commencement. Exceptions shall be made at the discretion of the campus principal.

Inspections shall be conducted before the processional to ensure that students comply with the prescribed commencement attire.

Board Member Participation

Board members who served during the school year shall participate in all applicable duties during the commencement ceremony.

Galena Park ISD


LDU 2012.03

DATE ISSUED: 7/19/2012