No employee shall give any student prescription medication, nonprescription medication, herbal substances, anabolic steroids, or dietary supplements of any type, except as authorized by this or other District policy.

Medication Provided by Parent

The Superintendent shall designate the employees who are authorized to administer medication that has been provided by a student's parent. An authorized employee is permitted to administer the following medication in accordance with administrative regulations:

  1. Prescription medication in accordance with legal requirements.
  2. Nonprescription medication, upon a parent's written request, when properly labeled and in the original container.

Medication Provided by District

Except as provided by this policy, the District shall not purchase medication to administer to a student.

Athletic Program

The District shall purchase nonprescription medication that may be used to prevent or treat illness or injury in the District's athletic program. Only a licensed athletic trainer or a physician licensed to practice medicine in the state of Texas may administer this medication and may do so only if:

  1. The District has prior written consent for medication to be administered [see Medical Treatment, below]; and
  2. The administration of a medication by an athletic trainer is in accordance with a standing order or procedures approved by a physician licensed to practice medicine in the state of Texas.


Except as permitted by law, an employee shall not:

  1. Recommend to a student or a parent that the student use a psychotropic drug;
  2. Suggest a particular diagnosis; or
  3. Exclude the student from a class or a school-related activity because of the parent's refusal to consent to psychiatric evaluation or examination or treatment of the student.

Medical Treatment

A student's parent, legal guardian, or other person having lawful control shall annually complete and sign a form that provides emergency information and addresses authorization regarding medical treatment. A student who has reached age 18 shall be permitted to complete this form.

The District shall seek appropriate emergency care for a student as required or deemed necessary.

School Nurse

A school nurse shall have the right not to administer a medication if he or she feels it is not in the best interest of the student. If the decision is made, the nurse shall contact the parents or legal guardian and explain the rationale for the decision.

If the parents still want the school nurse to administer the medication, the parents shall contact the physician to confirm the medication and shall furnish a written request to the nurse to administer the medication for the student including medication, dosage, possible side effects, and criteria to monitor in order to prevent toxicity.

Further, when administering the prescription medication, the medication shall appear to be in the original container and to be properly labeled. If the parents cannot be contacted in a reasonable length of time, the nurse shall contact the doctor directly and administer the medication as instructed in writing by the doctor.

Parents may arrange to come to the school and give medication to the child or arrange to have it taken on an alternate schedule where it is not administered at school.

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DATE ISSUED: 1/5/2021