Note: In addition to the Education Code, the Election Code, and other applicable laws, the district remains subject to Art. 2774b, V.A.T.S.



Uniform Election Dates

  1. The first Saturday in May.
  2. The first Tuesday after the first Monday in November.

Joint Elections


  1. The election for the members of the governing body of a municipality located in the district;
  2. The general election for state and county officers, which is held on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November in even-numbered years under Election Code 41.002; or
  3. The election for the members of the governing board of a public junior college district in which the school district is wholly or partly located.

Method of Election

Single-Member Districts


The district's statutory authorization provides that redistricting must occur within six months following the publication of each federal census. The board shall redivide the district into the appropriate number of trustee districts if the census data indicates that the population of the most populous district exceeds the population of the least populous district by more than ten percent. Redivision of the district shall be in the manner provided under Education Code 11.052(f). Education Code 11.052(i)

Boundary Change Notice

  1. Notify the voter registrar of the county in which the area subject to the boundary change is located of the adopted boundary change; and
  2. Provide the voter registrar with a map of an adopted boundary change in a format that is compatible with the mapping format used by the registrar's office.

Method of Voting

Houston ISD



DATE ISSUED: 2/27/2018