Education-related meetings, functions, and activities of, or sponsored by, the following entities are approved for travel at the expense of the District:

National School Board Association

Texas Association of School Boards

National Organization for Legal Problems of Education

International Baccalaureate of North America

American Personnel and Guidance Association

Houston ISD

Council of Great City Schools

Texas Business Education Coalition

Congressional Black Caucus

National Alliance of Black School Educators

Legislature-related activities in Austin

Texas Alliance of Black School Educators

International Reading Association

Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development

American Association of School Administrators

National Association of Bilingual Educators

Texas Association of Bilingual Educators

Texas Computer Education Association

American Association of School Personnel Administrators

Council for Exceptional Children

National Association of Latino Elected Officials

National Coalition of Essential Schools

Council of Urban Boards of Education (CUBE)

National Organization of Black School Board Members

Texas Association of Partners in Education

Congressional Hispanic Caucus

Other travel may be approved by the President of the Board. The Vice-President shall be responsible for approving other travel requested by the President. The Board shall have final responsibility in determining compliance with this policy.


Travel for the Board of Education shall adhere to the following guidelines:

Annually, a travel budget for the Board shall be established as part of the budget planning process and shall be budgeted in the General Fund as part of the Board Services Board Trustee travel account.

The Board travel budget established as part of the budget planning process shall be divided equally among the Board. The travel allocation for each Board Trustee shall reimburse all out-of-District travel expenditures, including airfare, registration fees, mileage reimbursement, car rental, hotel charges, meal reimbursement, telephone calls, and airport parking. For all travel taken, Board Trustees shall file a travel statement with receipts accounting for travel amounts actually expended. The travel allocation may be also used for in-District travel expenditures.

All costs due to cancellation of trips, which cannot be refunded, or additional costs associated with the change of travel arrangements shall be charged to the Board Trustee unless deemed an emergency by the Board President.

The following travel costs shall be budgeted separately and shall not be allocated against the Board's annual travel allocation:

Travel costs incurred on trips for state and federal legislative matters;

Meetings with TEA;

Travel costs incurred in representing the District as the Board-appointed delegate representative to TASB; and

Other designated representation approved by the Board President.

Travel accounts shall be maintained by the Chief Financial Officer who will submit quarterly travel reports to the Board.

Unused funds at the end of the fiscal year shall revert to the District's General Fund undesignated fund balance. Expenses exceeding an individual Trustee's share of the travel budget shall be borne by that Trustee individually.

The Board President shall have the use of a national credit card for expenses incurred in accordance with this policy.


The District shall furnish the Board a place to hold regular and special meetings. The Board shall determine the seating arrangements, times, dates, and structure of the meetings at the first regular meeting in January of each year.

Each Trustee shall be furnished with a desk, telephone, and a gathering place to meet with others, as well as a parking space at the Central Administration Office.

The Supervisor of the Board Services Office shall report directly to the Board through the Board President on all assigned responsibilities and duties related to the functions of the Board as a governmental body.

The Supervisor of the Board Services Office shall provide reasonable personal assistance and services to Board members in the conduct of business directly related to their responsibilities and obligations as District officials. In all matters related to administrative functions, the Supervisor of the Board Services Office shall report to the Superintendent's designee.

Houston ISD



DATE ISSUED: 10/3/2005