The Board shall approve and periodically review the District's mission and goals to improve student performance. The mission, goals, and the approved District, departmental, administrative districts, and campus objectives shall be mutually supportive and shall support the state goals and objectives under Education Code, Chapter 4. [See AE(EXHIBIT)]


The District's planning process to improve student performance includes the District-wide plan, District office management plan, departmental management plans, and school improvement plans. All pertinent federal planning requirements and other required District plans shall be included in these plans. The Board shall approve the process under which the educational goals are developed and shall ensure that input is gathered from the District-level committee.





The District-wide plan, District office management plans, school improvement plans, and departmental management plans must include the following:

A mission statement.

An overview of the administrative District, school, or department.

School plans, District office management plans, and the District-wide plan, which shall include a description and operating procedures of the shared decision-making committee, the District office advisory committee, or the District advisory committee.

A comprehensive needs assessment addressing each measurable objective included in the plan. It shall include either student performance data or, for departmental management plans, school support and other relevant data. Student performance data shall be presented on the academic excellence indicators and other appropriate measures of performance that are disaggregated by all accountability student groups served by the District, including categories of ethnicity and race, free and reduced lunch status, gender, and all student populations served by special programs.

Goals and measurable performance objectives as specified by the Superintendent. Objectives shall include those to address all appropriate academic excellence indicators for all student populations, appropriate objectives for all special needs populations, and other measures of student performance that may be identified through a comprehensive needs assessment.

A summative evaluation statement for each objective.

Strategies and initiatives for accomplishing each measurable objective.

Resources needed to implement identified strategies and initiatives, including dollar amount and budget source.

Staff responsible for ensuring the accomplishment of each strategy and monitoring the progress (formative evaluation) toward accomplishment of the objective.

Time lines for conducting the formative evaluation.

Formative evaluation criteria for determining periodically whether strategies and initiatives are resulting in accomplishment of the objective.

Any other local, state, or federal requirements.


The administration shall gather data and develop criteria to undertake the required biennial evaluation to ensure that policies, procedures, and staff development activities related to planning and decision making are effectively structured to positively impact student performance.


An evaluation and formal written analysis of each service related to contracts that support the District's initiative to increase student achievement, as defined in the District's Declaration of Beliefs and Visions, shall be performed. For central office contract initiatives, the Superintendent or delegate shall perform the analysis. For campus contract initiatives, the principal or delegate shall perform the analysis. The analysis shall document any assumptions, contain supporting documentation, and reach a conclusion as to the level of assurance achieved from deliverables and/or services from the inception of the contract to the current date as compared to contractual terms and work described in the Board's agenda item. The results will also be provided to the Board upon completion.

Contractual language for deliverables and/or services related to any contract that supports the District's initiative to increase student achievement shall contain:

Periodic metrics and milestones that would indicate satisfactory performance by the vendor and/or student; and

Standard language that would allow the District to terminate the contract within 30 days in case satisfactory assurance as determined by the Superintendent or Board is not reasonable.


It shall be the policy of the District that the school improvement plan address all elements required by federal law for receipt of Title I, Part A funds, including elements pertaining to parental involvement. The campus-level committee shall involve parents in the development of this plan and in the process for campus review and improvement of student academic achievement and campus performance. [See EHBD]

effective date

This policy shall be effective as of the adoption date, January 16, 2015.

Houston ISD


LDU 2015.01

DATE ISSUED: 2/27/2015