maintenance of Applicants' files

Human Resources will maintain files of applicants for professional positions for one calendar year from the original date of application with the Houston Independent School District (HISD). These files classify the applicants as to the type(s) of position for which they are eligible.

Functional Academic Skills Proficiency Certification

All applicants must provide to Human Resources evidence of proficiency certification in the functional academic skills of reading and writing to meet the basic skills testing requirements for the District. All applicants must satisfy the testing requirements of the State Board for Educator Certification (SBEC) for initial or continued certification. The documentation of proficiency will be filed with Human Resources at the time of application. Other requirements for all professional personnel will be as follows.


Requirements for administrators are listed in Reference (a).

Employment of Teachers and Other Nonsupervisory Professionals

Employment guidelines for teachers and other nonsupervisory professionals will be as follows:

Employment Offer

Applications will be made to and employment offered by HISD rather than individual schools.

Job Assignment

Teachers will be assigned to and applicants will be employed subject to vacancies that become available within the staffing requirements.


Qualifications for teachers will vary according to the type of assignment sought (e.g., regular subject area, occupational, special education, library media services, counseling). In each instance the teacher must be certified according to appropriate state guidelines.

Regular Classroom Teachers

In addition to the basic requirements for all personnel, an applicant for a regular teaching position must meet the following minimum requirements. See Reference (b).


A teacher must have a degree from an accredited institution recognized by SBEC and any of the following nationally recognized accrediting agencies:

Southern Association of Colleges and Schools;

New England Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools;

Middle States Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools;

North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools;

Northwest Association of Secondary and Higher Schools; or

Western Association of Schools and Colleges.


A teacher must be certified for the vacant position for which he or she applies, or be eligible for an emergency certificate.

Grade Point Average

A teacher must have an undergraduate grade point average of at least a C.

Special Education Teachers

In addition to the requirements for a regular teacher, a special education teacher must meet SBEC requirements for special education.

Vocational Teachers

Requirements for vocational teachers will follow state guidelines. Applicants must qualify according to SBEC standards for reimbursement for each particular program.

Associate Teachers

In addition to the basic requirements for all personnel, associate teachers must meet the following requirements:


Persons desiring to serve as associate teachers in HISD will be required to file applications with Human Resources. When the applicant has been approved by Human Resources and has filed the necessary papers, his or her name may be added to the substitute list. The list states the grade or subjects the individual is qualified to teach, together with his or her home address and telephone number.

College or University Credit

The applicant must have at least 60 hours of credit from an accredited college or university. All college credit must be substantiated by a transcript of credits. Exceptions to this requirement will be made only in cases of persons who have special training or experience that make it desirable to have them available.

Interview and Approval

The interview and the official hiring approval will be given by Human Resources. An assignment slip will be mailed to the applicant by Human Resources as notification of approval.

Retired Teachers

Retired teachers may file an application for substitute teaching and, if approved by Human Resources, may teach a maximum of 120 days per year.

See Reference (c) for additional guidelines regarding associate teachers.

Learning Resources Specialists

A learning resources specialist must have the same qualifications as a teacher. The learning resources specialist must also have special library training as prescribed by SBEC and hold the proper certificate for the position.


A counselor must:

Hold a master's degree from a college or university approved by the State Commissioner of Education for its program in teacher education;

Have at least two years of teaching experience;

Hold a valid Texas certificate appropriate for counselors; and

Devote at least two-thirds of his or her working time to counseling and guidance.


An applicant for a nurse's position must hold a bachelor's degree in nursing from a college or university approved by the State Commissioner of Education and a current certificate to practice professional nursing issued by the State Board of Nurse Examiners, and be eligible for certification by SBEC.

Physical Education Teachers

In addition to the requirements for regular teachers, physical education teachers in secondary schools are subject to responsibilities as determined by the principal and Athletics. Failure to accept such responsibilities may be cause for reassignment to a position in a second teaching field. In some instances, the teacher may be transferred to a different school. See References (d) and (e) for additional guidelines for physical education teachers.


This regulation has been through consultation (Administrative: April 16, 2002; Instructional: April 4, 2002; Noninstructional: April 9, 2002).

Maintenance Responsibility

The executive general manager, Human Resources, is responsible for maintenance of this regulation.


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(c)Associate Teachers Manual

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(e)HISD Compensation Manual

Houston ISD


LDU 2009.11

DATE ISSUED: 12/14/2009