Vacation Leave — 12-Month Employees Only

The District shall provide paid vacation time for all employees in 12-month full-time assignments:

  1. During the first year of employment, employee vacation time shall accrue at 5/6 of a day for each month worked, up to ten days.
  2. After the first year of employment, vacation shall accrue as follows:

Employees shall be expected to use vacation days in the year in which they are earned. Employees may accumulate and carry over vacation days for a total maximum of 50 days at the close of the school year. Unused vacation days in excess of the maximum will be lost. Time of vacation shall be subject to approval of the immediate supervisor.


  1. The Board extends to the Superintendent authority to allow all eligible employees the opportunity to carry vacation over the maximum, up to 50 days.
  2. The Board extends to the Superintendent authority to negotiate the accrual of up to ten additional vacation days per year, not to exceed a total of 20 vacation days in any given year. Carryover provisions articulated above shall apply. This authority shall be limited to employment negotiations with staff members who report directly to the Superintendent and shall be exercised only during negotiation of such an individual's employment contract.

Houston ISD


LDU 2020.01

DATE ISSUED: 7/1/2020