Paid Vacation

The District will provide paid vacation time for all employees in 12-month, full-time assignments.


Vacation days are accrued annually according to the following stipulations.

First Year

During the first year of employment, employee vacation time will accrue 5/6 of a day of vacation for each month worked up to ten days.

Second and Subsequent Years

After the first year of employment, vacation shall accrue as follows:


Carryover of Vacation Days

Employees are expected to use vacation days in the year in which they are earned. However, employees may accumulate and carry over vacation for a total maximum of 30 days. [See DED(LOCAL)]

In emergency situations of the District, the Superintendent may allow for all eligible employees the opportunity to carry vacation over the maximum for up to one year (50 days total).

Scheduling Vacations

The time vacation is taken is subject to approval of the employee's immediate superior. It is the responsibility of the department head or principal to ensure that all vacation days are scheduled to be used during the current year. [See DED(LOCAL)]

Payment for Unused Vacation Days Upon Termination or Retirement

Employees will receive a lump-sum payment for earned, accumulated, and unused vacation upon separation of employment for any reason. Unused vacation days not to exceed 50 days will be paid to an employee retiring from the District in a year where an emergency carryover has been allowed. [See DED(LOCAL)]


This regulation has been through consultation (Administrative: May 27, 2020; Instructional: May 27, 2020; Noninstructional: May 27, 2020).

Maintenance Responsibility

The chief human resources officer is responsible for the maintenance of this regulation.

Houston ISD


LDU 2021.07

DATE ISSUED: 6/17/2021