Note:For provisions regarding inventory and requisition of instructional materials, see CMD.

instructional materials allotment team

The District shall establish a team, as needed, to select instructional materials and technological equipment to be purchased with the District's instructional materials allotment. The team shall make selections based upon District instructional needs and in accordance with administrative regulations.

Certification of instructional materials

The instructional materials allotment team shall ensure that selected materials, in combination with any other materials in use by the District, allow the District to certify that all students are provided with instructional materials that cover the essential knowledge and skills, as required by law. [See EFAA(LEGAL)]

Board action

The Board shall approve final selections and ratify the District's certification of instructional materials. Final selections shall be recorded in Board minutes. In the event the Board does not ratify all of the selections, the reasons shall be recorded in Board minutes. The committee shall make other recommendations for selection until the Board has ratified all selections.

[See also BBFB(LEGAL), regarding instructional material]


Each publisher having instructional materials on the state lists shall be given equal time and opportunity to present his or her materials to the team through an organized schedule arranged by the District administration.

After the state lists are established, publishers' representatives shall be allowed in the schools at the request of the principal only for the purpose of providing training on the instructional materials and alternative materials not up for adoption in the current year. Publishers' representatives shall not be allowed individual contact with team members during this period; however, a publisher's representative may provide sample copies of instructional materials to individual schools.

Publishers who may be asked to conduct presentations at the feeder pattern or area level in addition to the publishers' hearing for District personnel shall register these presentations with the Superintendent's designated instructional materials allotment team chair.

Publishers who wish to field test instructional materials shall abide by research guidelines.

Houston ISD


LDU 2013.06

DATE ISSUED: 10/15/2013