Fund-raising Activities

Student Photographs

The guidelines for school fund-raising activities are as follows:

Principals are authorized to arrange for the photographing of students with approval of the appropriate District superintendent. The principal, if the request is approved, is expected to utilize before- and after-school hours and daytime opportunities that will not interfere with academic classes. Under no circumstances should photographic equipment be set up during school hours in a classroom regularly scheduled for class use. It should be clearly understood that schools are under no obligation to engage photographers.

School-Sponsored Groups

Fund-raising activities, which are initiated, planned, and conducted by student club members and or faculty sponsors, may only take place with the principal's approval. The sponsor must complete the appropriate form for signature by the principal. See References (d), (e), and (g). The number of fundraisers during the school year by individual school groups will be at the discretion of the principal. Schoolwide fundraisers that involve the participation of the entire student body will be limited to one activity during each grading period and require approval by the appropriate area District superintendent.

Fund-raisers that involve food or drinks will be in accordance with the National School Lunch Program regulation, which places restrictions on the sale or distribution of foods with minimal nutritional value (FMNV). See Reference (f). FMNV will not be sold or distributed on elementary school campuses during the school day; FMNV will not be sold or distributed at secondary school campuses during the breakfast and lunch serving periods.

Vending Machine Sales

All sales of soft drinks and other vending products in the schools must conform with existing federal regulations related to the National School Lunch Program. See Reference (f). In elementary schools, soft drink vending machines are placed in the schools by principals and are used only as a convenience for the faculty and other school employees and will not be open to the students or to the public. Revenue from vending machines will be controlled by the school principal and processed through the Activity Fund.

Parent-Teacher Association / Parent-Teacher Organization

Parent-Teacher Associations (PTAs) and Parent-Teacher Organizations (PTOs) are allowed to sponsor fund-raising activities; however such fund-raisers occurring during school hours or requiring the use of school property must have prior approval by the principal. Monies raised by the PTA or PTO will be deposited in a separate account, which is completely independent of the school. School personnel will not have signature authority on such an account. The PTA or PTO operates under its own tax identification number and is completely responsible for its fund-raisers and related purchases.

For additional information, see References (a), (d), and (e).

Solicitations from External Organizations

There will be no solicitation of funds by external organizations except with special permission as indicated below. See References (b) and (c).

Advertising and Campaigns

No advertising, except for approved school activities, will be permitted in the school or on the school grounds unless sanctioned by the Houston Independent School District (HISD) Board of Education. Schools are not permitted to solicit advertising or to institute any type of campaign for the purpose of raising funds without the permission of the appropriate District superintendent.

Agents, Solicitors, and Collectors

No agents, solicitors, collectors, or other persons of like employment are allowed to take any time or attention of any student or teacher during school hours or on school premises to advertise, exhibit, promote, collect for, or sell any article whatsoever without the specific approval of the appropriate District superintendent.

Sales Representatives

All sales representatives who request permission to visit individual buildings to sell school supplies, equipment, materials, or insurance programs are advised consistently by the appropriate District superintendent that appointments for conferences with principals are left to the principals' discretion.

Collections, Contributions, and Membership Fees

No collections, contributions, or membership fees may be solicited within the school except those that have HISD Board of Education approval.


This regulation does not require consultation.

Maintenance Responsibility

The chief school administrator, School Administration, is responsible for maintenance of this regulation.


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Houston ISD


LDU 2009.13

DATE ISSUED: 12/14/2009