visitors on campus

Guidelines for visitors on campus are as follows:

All visitors are required to report to the principal's office or other designated areas for authorization in order to be on the school's premises. A school may request valid photo identification before authorizing a visitor to be on campus and issuing a visitor pass. A pass must be worn by a visitor at all times and must be returned to the office when the visitor signs out. All school employees will assist in enforcing the requirement that visitors wear passes. A person wishing to visit a classroom, whether during instructional time or for a parent/teacher conference, must make arrangements in advance with the principal and the teacher. Additional guidelines may apply to other District facilities if or when students are present.


School personnel will review and follow guidelines provided in the District's Emergency Preparedness Plan (EPP) manual (Chapter 3, Section 39, Suspected Child Abuse) and information regarding Child Protective Services (CPS) workers available online at http://ritter.tea.state.tx.us/taa/legal100908.html.


Any visitor attending an assembly program must go directly to the assembly area, unless issued a pass to visit another area of the campus. School personnel should direct visitors to the designated assembly area or room.


No visitor pass will be required for a voter proceeding only to and from the polling station; however, school personnel will monitor and assist the flow of voters.


A person authorized for student pick-up may wait in any regularly designated student pick-up area without registering as a visitor and receiving a pass. No person may enter other areas of the building without signing-in as a visitor in the main office or other designated area.

Intruders on campus

Any person ascertained to be an intruder must be given a warning, before any other action is taken, that he or she will be arrested and charged if he or she refuses to leave the campus. For the purposes of this regulation, "trespass" may be defined as the act or conduct of any person willfully remaining upon or refusing to leave any such school premises upon receiving a lawful request to do so from the principal, his or her designee, or an authorized representative. [See References (a), (b), (c), (d), and (e)]

Law Enforcement Agencies

The principal may require the assistance of local law enforcement agencies. Guidelines for contacting and working with law enforcement agencies are as follows:

Contacting law enforcement

In cases involving alleged criminal offenses against children or any other suspected crime, the principal will contact the District Police Department at (713) 892-7777 and will notify CPS when warranted.

Cooperating with Law Enforcement

In investigating certain cases of alleged infringement of law, law enforcement officers will interview students. Each principal will cooperate and assist law enforcement. The principal will make a reasonable attempt to notify the students' parents, and when the case seems to be urgent, permission for an interview with the officer will be granted, provided the principal sits in on the interview. [See Reference (g)]

Before releasing a student to the custody of police officers, the principal will make a reasonable attempt to notify the parents. When a student is released into police custody without the consent of his or her parents or legal guardian, the arresting officer will assume responsibility for removing the student from campus. [See References (f), (g), and (i)] Questions concerning individual cases should be referred to Legal Services.

Permitting Students to Leave the School Premises

Safety policies will be followed to identify any person (including a parent or legal guardian) who requests to visit a student on campus. No student will be permitted to accompany a person away from the campus, except with documented permission from the parent or legal guardian. [Refer to Reference (m), Chapter 3, Section 38, Unauthorized Removal of Students from Campus.] If a person other than a parent or legal guardian implies permission to visit a student on campus, he or she must provide appropriate court documentation that establishes and defines the relationship to the student and/or approval for the visit. In cases of guardianship, school personnel will follow the court order that defines the custodial relationship with the student.Administrators may contact Legal Services at (713) 556-7245 for assistance as needed. [See References (k) and (l)]


A sex offender will be denied access to a campus in the absence of an assertion of parental rights. The following procedures will apply to a registered sex offender on District premises:


The principal will determine if a visitor is a registered sex offender through relevant databases and other available information. [See Reference (h)] If the visitor is not someone in a parental relationship with a student, including someone whose parental rights have been terminated or whose presence at school is prohibited by court order, the visitor will be denied access to the campus and escorted off the premises.


The sex offender visitor asserting parental rights must produce certified copies of court records concerning his or her registration and any restrictions imposed on him or her if he or she is seeking access to the campus.


If the visitor is someone in a parental relationship with a student and is not otherwise restricted from being on campus, the principal will consider the following guidelines for determining authorization for a visitor on campus:



A parent is entitled to all information concerning his or her children and, unless otherwise restricted, is entitled to attend school activities.

Any registered sex offender on campus will be escorted to or from the designated location of the visit bya District/campus official.


A registered sex offender will only have access to areas of the campus that are required to fulfill the purpose of his or her visit. All restroom visits must be accompanied by District personnel.


Access to classrooms will only be allowed for observation of the visitor's student, while accompanied by District personnel, and for meetings with teachers, administrators, or other campus staff members concerning the visitor's student.


A registered sex offender may drop off and pick up his or her student in designated drop-off and pick-up areas only. No other access will be allowed while dropping off or picking up, unless accompanied by District personnel.


A registered sex offender may not serve as a volunteer. [See Reference (j)]


Any other relevant issues will be considered.


A qualified voter who is a registered sex offender is permitted to vote during voting hours at an official polling place on District property if he or she goes directly to the polling place and leaves school property immediately after voting.


This regulation has been through consultation (Administrative: January 10, 2012.)

Maintenance Responsibility

The executive deputy superintendent, School Support Services, is responsible for maintenance of this regulation.


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LDU 2012.01

DATE ISSUED: 3/28/2012