Insurance Committee

The Board shall appoint a committee consisting of at least three Board members, two staff members, and one insurance advisor/consultant. The insurance advisor/consultant shall be the current agent of record in the area being considered and shall serve in an advisory capacity only, and shall not have a vote on the committee. One Board member shall serve as chairperson of the committee. Staff members shall be the assistant superintendent for human resources and the insurance coordinator.


The Board insurance committee shall have the following functions:

Review and approve recommendation to go before the Board.

Expedite annual recommendations on the insurance programs so that they may be presented to the Board in a timely manner.

Convene as a review board for any claim controversy between employee and service organization and provide decisions that shall be conclusive and binding upon all parties interested in these funds. The chairman of the employee insurance committee shall also serve as an additional member of the Board Insurance Committee for this function.

Assume responsibilities for the management and reporting of the condition of the employee self-fund.

The employee insurance committee is a representative committee of the employees of the District. Members serve two-year terms with elections held annually in August; four or five positions being elected each year. The nine members represent the following employee groups:

Position 1—elementary school professionals

Position 2—high school professionals

Position 3—elementary school professionals

Position 4—middle school professionals

Position 5—food service and transportation employees

Position 6—administrators

Position 7—maintenance, custodial, warehouse, printing, and technical services employees

Position 8—paraprofessional employees

Position 9—at large

The chairman shall be elected annually from among its members and shall preside over the meeting. The chairman of the committee shall serve as a member of the Board Insurance Committee. In the event of the absence of the chairperson, the senior-ranking member shall preside at the regular meeting.

This committee meets as needed with regular meetings at an agreed upon date and time in August, September, October, November, February, March, April, and May.

The committee shall review matters pertaining to the benefits and group insurance programs of the District and make recommendations to the Board Insurance Committee in these matters. Based on a majority vote of a quorum of members, recommendations shall be made to the Board Insurance Committee.

Humble ISD



DATE ISSUED: 8/25/2003