Note: This local policy has been revised in accordance with the District's innovation plan.

Superintendent's Authority

All personnel are employed subject to assignment and reassignment by the Superintendent or designee when the Superintendent determines that the assignment or reassignment is in the best interest of the District. Reassignment shall be defined as a transfer to another position, department, or facility that does not necessitate a change in the employment contract of a contract employee. Any change in an employee's contract shall be in accordance with policy DC.

Any employee may request reassignment within the District to another position for which he or she is qualified.

Conflict of Interest Relationships

An employee shall not be permitted to work full-time, part-time, or on a common daily schedule if the employee meets both the designated Employment Relationship definition and the Degree of Relationship definition as described in this policy, below.

Employment Relationship

Employees are considered to be in a conflict of interest relationship if the employees hold the following employment relationships:

  1. Fiscal control or responsibility. The employees work together within the financial services division, the human resources department, or in the payroll and human resources department.
  2. Budgetary control or responsibility. The employees are in the same line of budgetary approval or oversight within a school, department, or program.
  3. Supervisory control or responsibility. The employees are either directly or indirectly supervised by, or under the supervision of, a relative as listed at Degree of Relationship, below.
  4. Hiring authority. The employees may not hire or recommend for full-time, part-time, or substitute employment any person who is related as listed at Degree of Relationship, below. [See Exception for Seasonal or Temporary Employees, below]
  5. Bookkeeping control or responsibility. Campus or department bookkeepers or employees who are assigned budgetary responsibilities for a campus or department may not be related to any employee within the same campus or department as listed at Degree of Relationship, below.

Degree of Relationship

Any of the following shall reflect a conflict of interest relationship:

Exceptions for Seasonal or TemporaryEmployees

The Superintendent may approve exceptions to the above-described conflict of interest relationships on a case-by-case basis for seasonal, cocurricular, extracurricular, or temporary employees, provided that such seasonal, cocurricular, extracurricular, or temporary employees may not be given budgetary responsibilities.

Disruptive Relationships

Employees who are engaged in a personal relationship either by marriage, dating, or other scenarios who are not otherwise prohibited by this policy from working in the same department, campus, or building may be reassigned or may face other employment consequences if the relationship becomes disruptive to the operations of the District or if the relationship is not in the best interests of the District.

Campus Assignments

The principal's criteria for approval of campus assignments and reassignments shall be consistent with District policy regarding equal opportunity employment and with staffing patterns approved in the District and campus plans. [See BQ series] In exercising their authority to approve assignments and reassignments, principals shall work cooperatively with the central office staff to ensure the efficient operation of the District as a whole.

In accordance with the District's local innovation plan exemption regarding SBEC certification [see DBA], the Superintendent shall have the authority to approve a request by the principal for a qualified individual with experience in a career and technical education (CTE) field to teach a CTE course. All other teaching assignments shall require certification in accordance with state law. [See DBA]

Supplemental Duties

Noncontractual supplemental duties for which supplemental pay is received may be discontinued by either party at any time. An employee who wishes to relinquish a paid supplemental duty may do so by notifying the Superintendent or designee in writing. Paid supplemental duties are not part of the District's contractual obligation to the employee, and an employee shall hold no expectation of continuing assignment to any paid supplemental duty.

Work Calendars and Schedules

Subject to the Board-adopted budget and compensation plan and in harmony with employment contracts, the Superintendent shall determine required work calendars for all employees. [See DC, EB]

Daily time schedules for all employees shall be determined by the Superintendent or designee and principals.

Humble ISD


LDU 2018.02

DATE ISSUED: 6/25/2018