Recognizing the increasingly important role that volunteers play in education as they help to promote school/community partnership and enrich curriculum, the Board encourages the utilization of volunteers in the District's schools to complement and supplement District staff in providing educational programs. A coordinator shall be appointed by the Superintendent to administer and supervise volunteer programs.


Appropriate guidelines shall be established defining the qualifications, duties, and ethical and legal responsibilities of volunteers. Preservice training shall be provided for volunteers prior to placement in the schools.


Individuals interested in serving in volunteer positions with the District must complete an online application before beginning volunteer activities.

Requirements for Volunteers

Volunteers in the District shall:

  1. Attend orientation and training sessions appropriate to the type of volunteer service, to include information regarding:
    1. General job responsibilities and limitations;
    2. School facilities, routines, and procedures;
    3. Work schedule and place of work; and
    4. Expected relationship to the regular staff;
  2. Work under the direction and supervision of a teacher or other member of the school staff; and
  3. Abide by the policies, rules, and procedures of the District and the campus.

Criminal History

The District shall obtain criminal history records of all adults, 18 years of age and older, engaged in direct and continuing contact with students both during and after school hours, whether with or without direct monitoring by District employees. The criminal history background check shall remain effective for the school year during which the application is made and must be renewed annually.

A volunteer who refuses the District's request for a criminal history background check shall be prohibited from volunteering in any capacity.

A criminal history check is not required for current District employees since already being cleared to work in the District. However, where reasonable cause exists, the District may require a current employee to submit to a background check.

Authority of School Personnel

Volunteers in the school shall work directly under the supervision of the principal or a campus coordinator designated by the principal of the school to which the volunteer is assigned. Upon arriving at the school, volunteers shall register in the principal's office and shall follow the established guidelines for volunteers.


No school volunteers shall be authorized to operate a school-owned motor vehicle. All efforts that require the operation of a motor vehicle for a school-related program shall be undertaken by District employees.

Volunteer Coordinator

Each campus principal or designee shall coordinate the campus volunteer program and ensure volunteers are recruited, screened, trained, and placed in appropriate activities in accordance with District policy and campus needs.

The campus-based volunteer coordinator has the authority to approve volunteers and volunteer activities within the scope of District procedures and guidelines.

Humble ISD


LDU 2018.07

DATE ISSUED: 12/4/2018