As required by law in order to receive Title I, Part A funds, the District shall provide to TEA written assurance regarding comparability of services across the District in teachers, administrators, and other staff, as well as in the provision of curriculum materials and instructional supplies.

For information on the District salary schedule, see DEA(LOCAL).

Comparability of Services

As reflected in District records and as submitted to TEA, the District shall document compliance by using one of the following methods:

Comparison of state and local expenditures per student;

Comparison of per-student expenditures for state and local base salaries; or

Ratio of students to full-time equivalent instructional staff whose salaries are not federally funded.

In special programs, such as special education, bilingual education, or English as a second language, a lower ratio may be maintained and more money may be spent per individual campus as necessary to fulfill other legal requirements. These costs shall be excluded from the comparability of services calculations.

Development of Title I and Parent and Family Engagement Plan

Each Title I campus shall be asked to select a parent representative to serve on a committee charged with developing a District plan and parent and family engagement plan. Other members of the committee shall include District administrators responsible for the Title I program, campus administrator representatives, and a teacher from each Title I campus. The Title I plan and parent and family engagement plan shall be reviewed annually. [See BQ(LOCAL)]

Technical Assistance and Support

District-level personnel shall provide training, resources, and support to Title I teachers and administrators in the area of parent and family engagement. One percent of the District's Title I, Part A allocation shall be reserved for parent and family engagement, with 95 percent of this amount to be distributed to Title I campuses. Translation services shall be provided by the District to convert parent and family engagement plans into appropriate languages for each Title I campus.

Building Capacity

Each Title I campus shall develop a school-parent compact, which lists responsibilities for the campus, parent, and student. Selected parent representatives, teachers, and campus personnel shall develop the compact jointly with all groups offering input.

Parent and Family Engagement Strategies

Each Title I campus shall hold three yearly parent and family engagement meetings. The topics for these meetings are suggested by parents through surveys, contact with campus personnel, and yearly evaluations of the program. Strategies for academic success for each student shall be provided by Title I teachers and campus personnel.

Annual Evaluation

Each year the campus school-parent compacts, campus parent and family engagement plan, and District parent and family engagement plan shall be reviewed. These meeting dates shall be communicated to parents and held at varying times.

Involvement Between Campuses and Parents

Each student participating in the Title I program shall receive a Title I Family Questionnaire. This questionnaire allows parents and families to express opinions and offer timely feedback for the program. Contact information for Title I teachers and campus administrators shall be distributed to parents as well as posted on the campus/District Web site.

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DATE ISSUED: 7/10/2016