Each student who has been identified as being at risk of dropping out of school, who is not performing at grade level, or who did not perform satisfactorily on a state-mandated assessment shall be provided accelerated and/or compensatory educational services.

Accelerated Instruction

The District shall provide accelerated instruction in accordance with law if a student fails to perform satisfactorily on a state-mandated assessment.

Accelerated Learning Committee

When a student fails to perform satisfactorily on a math or reading state-mandated assessment in grades 3, 5, or 8, an accelerated learning committee shall develop a written educational plan in accordance with law. If a parent requests that the student be assigned to a particular teacher the following school year, the request shall be addressed in accordance with the District's administrative procedures.

A parent complaint about the content or implementation of the educational plan shall be filed in accordance with FNG.

Local Criteria

In addition to the criteria listed in law, the District shall use the following to identify at-risk students:

  1. A student who is dyslexic and is being served in the dyslexia intervention program.
  2. A student that has threatened or attempted suicide, has been hospitalized for emotional/mental health issues, lacks social adaptability skills to a severe degree, or has experienced a life event that increases their potential of dropping out of school.
  3. A student placed in discretionary placement to DAEP and/or is involved in the juvenile justice system or the criminal justice system during the current or preceding year and is considered to be a student at risk of dropping out of school.
  4. A general education student who is to be confined to a hospital or home for at least four consecutive weeks due to a medical condition.

Klein ISD



DATE ISSUED: 11/9/2021