The following courses shall not be included in class rank calculations: pass/fail courses; initial and repeat audits of courses; high school courses taken in grade 6, 7 or 8; or credit by examination with or without prior instruction.

The top ranking senior and remaining honor graduates (the top ten percent) shall be determined at the end of the first semester by dividing the total grade points earned in eligible courses by the total number of eligible courses, calculating to as many decimal places as necessary. A senior shall have a minimum of 38 eligible courses in order to receive a class rank. Class rank for students not in the top ten percent shall be determined by calculating the grade point average to four decimal points with no rounding off.

Valedictorian and Salutatorian

The valedictorian and salutatorian shall be the eligible students with the highest and second highest rank, respectively. To be eligible for this local graduation honor, a student must have been continuously enrolled in the same District high school for the three semesters immediately preceding graduation and have 38 qualifying semester grades.

Highest-Ranking Senior

The student meeting the local eligibility criteria for recognition as the valedictorian shall also be considered the highest-ranking graduate for purposes of receiving the honor graduate certificate from the state of Texas.

Relative Position Only

When completing the preliminary rank and final rank for the senior class, Klein ISD utilizes a relative position only (RPO) placement for students who:

Students who receive an RPO rank are ranked alongside another student (similar to a tie) and share the rank of that student.


In case of a tie, affected students shall be given the same class rank and the total number of positions used will equal the number of students tied.

The date of release of class ranking to students shall be established by the executive director for teaching and learning and shall be uniform for all high schools. Release of the information to students shall be confidential.

Grade points shall be awarded at the end of the semester based on the course in which the final examination is administered.

All AP, IB, GT, Pre-AP, Pre-AP-GT, Pre-IB, and dual credit courses are designated as honors-level courses and shall receive appropriate enhanced grade points in the District according to EIE(LOCAL).

Klein ISD


LDU 2019.02

DATE ISSUED: 3/1/2019