The District shall address controversial topics in an impartial and objective manner. Teachers shall not use the classroom to transmit personal beliefs regarding political or sectarian issues. Students and educators shall ensure that, to the extent possible, discussions are conducted fairly and courteously.

Selection of Topics

A teacher selecting topics for discussion in the classroom shall be adequately informed about the issue and capable of providing instruction on the subject, free from personal bias. In addition, the teacher shall be certain that:

The issue in question is within the range, knowledge, maturity, and comprehension of the students.

The issue is current and educationally significant.

The consideration of the issue does not interfere with required instruction.

Sufficient relevant information on all aspects of the issue is provided.

If a teacher is unsure about a topic of discussion or about the methods to employ, the teacher may discuss the issue with the principal.

Classroom Discussion

In guiding classroom discussion of controversial issues, teachers shall:

Foster students' critical thinking skills.

Encourage discussion based on rational analysis.

Create an atmosphere in which students learn to respect others' opinions and disagree courteously.

Ensure that multiple viewpoints about the issue are presented by introducing an unexpressed viewpoint when necessary.

Avoid any attempt to coerce or persuade students to adopt the teacher's point of view.

Student or Parent Concerns

A student or parent with concerns regarding instruction about controversial issues shall be directed to the complaint policy at FNG.

Klein ISD


LDU 2019.01

DATE ISSUED: 3/13/2019