The District believes that each student is an individual with different needs, strengths, weaknesses, opinions, and contributions. The District attempts to maximize opportunities to meet this diversity within the context of the prescribed curriculum, state requirements, and the wishes of the community.

Unifying Principles

The needs of the student shall be the critical factor considered in every decision.

Everyone can learn, and the primary responsibility of every District employee is to facilitate that learning.

The campus principal is the most important variable in the school improvement process.

Teachers are highly skilled professionals responsible for the learning of all students.

The individual campus shall be the emphasis for school improvement, and improvement shall be determined by measurable outcomes.

Teachers deserve and shall receive the highest degree of support possible from the administrative staff and the Board as they facilitate student learning.

The District has a strong underlying commitment to excellence in all endeavors.

Equity in the distribution of resources shall be defined by student needs.

Effective communication among the Superintendent, administrative staff, teachers, and classified staff is essential.

Complete, timely information between the administration and the Board is necessary prior to any action by the Board.

Everyone has worth and dignity and as a result shall be treated in a courteous, respectful, and humane manner.

The District curriculum shall:

Reflect the needs of all students.

Include state and local priorities.

Reflect appropriate alignment to ensure proper teaching, monitoring, and reporting.

Be taught using a variety of strategies determined by the teacher.

The recruitment, selection, and assignment of highly qualified staff shall be a major priority.

The professional development and improvement of all staff and Board members shall be a major priority.

A positive, orderly climate is necessary to support student learning.

The central administrative staff shall serve as a support group for campus personnel.

The principle of "pay as you go" shall be the undergirding concept with respect to construction and shall be waived only when student needs supersede that concept.

Technology shall be used to:

Supplement the classroom teacher's efforts with computer-assisted instruction.

Facilitate effective campus and District management.

The Superintendent is the chief administrative officer of the District and is empowered by the Board to make all necessary decisions in the day-to-day operation of the District.

Productivity shall be a variable in determining the salaries of administrators in the District.

Pasadena ISD



DATE ISSUED: 6/4/1991