General Requirements

All resignations shall be submitted in writing to the associate superintendent for personnel. The employee shall give reasonable notice and shall include in the letter a statement of the reasons for resigning. A prepaid certified or registered letter of resignation shall be considered submitted upon mailing.

At-Will Employees

The Superintendent or designee shall be authorized to accept the resignation of an at-will employee at any time.

Contract Employees

The Superintendent or designee shall be authorized to receive a contract employee's resignation effective at the end of the school year or submitted after the last day of the school year and before the penalty-free resignation date. The resignation requires no further action by the District and is accepted upon receipt.

The Superintendent or other person designated by Board action shall be authorized to accept a contract employee's resignation submitted or effective at any other time. The Superintendent or other Board designee shall either accept the resignation or submit the matter to the Board in order to pursue sanctions allowed by law.

Return from Resignation

An employee who resigns due to personal illness or personal injury and returns to employment in the District within 365 days of resignation shall have all benefits restored.

Dual Positions

An employee serving in more than one position, such as teacher/coach, teacher/band director, or the like, shall not be permitted to resign one position without resigning both positions.

Pasadena ISD



DATE ISSUED: 10/17/2012