Election of Campus Representatives

The following procedures for the election of representatives will apply:

By the first Friday of May, each principal and the Superintendent or designee will provide the appropriate staff members separate opportunities to nominate and to elect the appropriate number of representatives to the Advisory Committee on Education (ACE) for their campus or group. For each representative, an alternate will also be elected to attend ACE meetings only when the respective elected representative cannot attend.

The appropriate staff members will be as follows:

For each principal, all classroom teachers, both part- and full-time, and all other professional staff members, both part- and full-time, assigned to the principal's campus.

For the Superintendent, all professional staff members who are not campus-based and all campus-based administrators.

The election of the appropriate number of representatives and alternates will be by secret ballot. Each eligible person may vote for the appropriate number of persons to be elected for that school or group but will not be entitled to cast multiple votes for a single candidate. A classroom teacher assigned to more than one campus will be eligible to vote only at the campus at which he or she receives a paycheck.

All other decisions regarding conduct, timing, and location of the election will be at the sole discretion of the individual principal or the Superintendent or designee.

No professional staff member will be coerced in any way by any person(s) to vote or not vote. [See DGB]

The name of each person elected to serve on the ACE as a representative or alternate will be submitted to the Superintendent or designee immediately following the election.

Appointment of Other Members

The Superintendent will appoint the parent, community, and business representatives who serve on the committee by the first Friday in May.

Notification of Meeting Schedule

Prior to the first day of September, the Superintendent will provide to each elected representative and alternate, and to each appointed representative, a schedule of ACE meetings for the appropriate school year.

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LDU 2012.06

DATE ISSUED: 12/18/2012