A committee of elected teachers and nonteaching professionals, parents, and appointed community members shall be established annually at each school prior to April 1:

Assist the principal in establishing a Campus Improvement Plan that will specify activities in support of the District's Five-Year Strategic Plan and establish academic and other performance objectives of the campus for each state-adopted academic excellence indicator and any other appropriate performance measures for special needs populations;

Consult regularly with the principal regarding the planning, operation, supervision, and evaluation of the campus educational program;

Make recommendations, upon the annual request of the Board, regarding the number and length of written reports that District staff are required to prepare;

Determine the manner in which a performance incentive awarded to the principal by TEA shall be distributed and used;

Review any proposed waiver of or exemption from a state statute or State Board rule relevant to the respective campus prior to consideration by the Board; and

Review District policy and campus procedures that ensure that systematic communications measures are in place to periodically obtain broad-based community, parent, and staff input, and to provide information to those persons regarding the recommendations of the campus-level committee.

Principal's Reports

Selected principals shall periodically give verbal reports to the Board regarding progress toward the educational objectives established for their schools.


The Campus Advisory Committee at each school shall be composed of six teachers, one nonteaching professional and one District-level administrator elected by the campus's professional employees; two parents selected by the principal; two community members who live in the school attendance zone and have no children currently attending a District school, selected by the principal; one person who operates a business, selected by the principal; and the principal who shall serve as chair of the committee.


A person employed by the District is not eligible for appointment to a Campus Advisory Committee either as a parent or as a community member who is not a parent of a student in the District.

Term of Membership

Each committee member shall serve a two-year term, with terms staggered so that one-half of the eight elected members shall be elected annually, and one-half of the parents and business representatives shall be appointed annually.

Electoral Process

Each principal shall be responsible for annually conducting an election in his or her school year to elect one-half of the elected representatives for that school's committee. All professional employees assigned to a school, whether full- or part-time, shall be afforded the opportunity to vote for that school's teacher representatives, but shall not be required to vote.

Selection Process

In making selections of parent, community, and business members, appropriate representation of the school's diversity shall be considered.

Approval Process

The plan established by the principal with the assistance of the Committee shall be submitted in writing by the principal to the Superintendent or designee on or about the first day of classes for students of the subsequent school year for approval by the Board. The signature of each Committee member shall be affixed to the plan.

Public Meeting

Each Campus Advisory Committee shall hold at least one public meeting after the annual campus rating is received from TEA. The purpose of that meeting is to be discussion of the performance of the campus and the campus performance objectives. [See BQB (LEGAL)]

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LDU 2015.02

DATE ISSUED: 4/29/2015