School Buildings

The principal is responsible for the security of his or her building:

The principal, with the assistance of the Chief of Police, will develop with the school staff a procedure for maintaining security with a minimum of interference in the educational process in the building.

Prior to the beginning of the school year, the Chief of Police will send a request to the principal for a schedule of the regular hours the building will be open and a list of school staff who should be added or deleted from the Alarm System Access Code list.

Prior to the end of the school year (or any other extended vacation period, spring vacation, Christmas, etc.) the principal will complete and send to the Chief of Police a schedule of the regular hours that the building will be open.

All personnel will follow the prescribed procedure for entering a building at times other than regularly scheduled hours.

Only personnel who have been issued appropriate Alarm System Access Code cards may enter a building outside regular hours.

A list of persons receiving these cards is filed in the office of the Chief of Police.

If changes in personnel cleared for security are experienced, those changes must be made known to the Chief of Police immediately in order that the Alarm System Access Code file can be updated.

Persons not cleared for access through the building principal and/or Chief of Police should not enter the building for any reason after regular hours.

Upon entering the building, the alarm system will be turned off.

Upon leaving the building the alarm system shall be turned on. It is extremely important that all light, air conditioning, etc., are turned off before turning on the alarm.

Illegal entries into the building:

If a break-in occurs, the District police officer will notify the on-duty Communications Officer who will notify the appropriate personnel as the need arises.

If the District police officer apprehends a suspect, he or she will notify the Chief of Police immediately.

The Chief of Police will investigate the break-in and notify the appropriate personnel.

The principal of the school will be notified immediately if there are damages and/or loss of equipment.

School personnel without an alarm code or whose access was previously approved by the principal who are found inside a building during nonschool hours will be asked to leave the building until an appropriate staff member comes to the building and turns off the alarm system.

Nonschool persons found inside a building may be charged with trespassing and have their keys confiscated and returned to the principal.

In no case shall students be inside a building unattended or be issued building keys.

Any problems experienced with the burglar or fire alarm system shall be reported in writing to the Chief of Police listing specific incidents, dates, and times.

Issuance of Keys

Access to school buildings and grounds after regular school hours is limited by a key control system to authorized personnel. The Executive Director of Human Resources will administer the District key control system. The Director for Maintenance will maintain a secure key depository and duplicating system and be responsible for all numbering, registering, distributing, and duplicating of keys. Principals and department heads will be responsible for all keys assigned to their individual areas of responsibility and maintain accurate records of keys issued and returned. No keys will be duplicated except through the Director for Maintenance and upon the approval of the Assistant Superintendent for Support Services.

The following staff members are authorized to have a master building key for their school building:


Assistant principals

Head custodians

Night lead custodian

Building mechanic

The Executive Director of Human Resources may authorize issuing a great grandmaster key to appropriate staff members on the recommendation of their supervisor.

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LDU 2009.01

DATE ISSUED: 3/23/2009