Food Donation

The Superintendent shall be authorized to develop regulations for the District to donate or otherwise dispose of leftover food in accordance with law.

Meal Charges

State Law

As established by the Board, a student with an exhausted or insufficient balance on his or her meal card or meal account shall be allowed to continue to purchase meals for an unlimited time. The Superintendent shall develop administrative regulations for this grace period to address:

  1. The District's processes for parent notification during the grace period, including a schedule for repayment; and
  2. Whether the student will be limited to certain foods or beverages during this grace period, and, if so, the District's efforts to minimize overt identification of the student.

No fees or interest shall be charged by the District for meals purchased during the grace period.

Federal Law

For each campus that participates in the federal school breakfast or lunch programs under which students may incur a meal charge, the District's administrative regulations shall also address procedures for a student who has insufficient funds to purchase a meal following exhaustion of the grace period described above. The procedures shall address:

  1. The parameters under which meals shall be served to the student;
  2. The District's efforts to minimize overt identification of the student; and
  3. How the District will attempt to collect unpaid debt in order to maintain the financial integrity of the food service account.

Spring ISD



DATE ISSUED: 6/6/2019