Use of Washers and Dryers

Washers and dryers are placed in the cafeteria department for use by the Child Nutrition Department. Personal laundry or mops and chemically treated rags used by the custodial staff may not be laundered in the machines.

Cleaning Tables and Benches

Unless specified by the principal of the school, it will be the responsibility of the Child Nutrition Department to wipe the tables and benches clean of any food left after the last lunch period:

Cafeteria personnel, however, cannot wipe tables after each lunch period.

Custodians will be responsible for thorough cleaning of legs on tables and chairs.

Food Orders for PTA/PTO/Boosters, Principals, and Faculty

All orders for food or other supplies for special events for the PTA/PTO/Boosters, principals, and/or faculty will be handled by the Child Nutrition Director or Coordinator. A ten percent handling fee will be charged for this service.

A Child Nutrition staff member must be on duty when the kitchen is being used for a special event.

Special Event Foods

The Child Nutrition Department offers special event foods such as cookies, relish trays, meat trays, and a variety of other items. A list of items, charges, ordering procedures, and forms may be obtained from the Child Nutrition office or on the District Intranet.

Lunch Count Procedure

Each elementary teacher shall take an accurate student lunch count and record this information on a lunch count form. The Child Nutrition Department will furnish this form, which must be turned into the cafeteria manager no later than 9:15 a.m. each morning.

The cafeteria manager shall increase this lunch count to allow for tardy students and special guests as directed by the Child Nutrition Director.


Freezers, coolers, and dry food storerooms must be secured with access limited to Child Nutrition staff only.

Health Department Rules

Health Department procedures must be followed at all times, including limited access in the kitchen by non-Child Nutrition staff during food preparation.


Any foods brought to school or a school event by students, parents, or staff members for special activities for students, including but not limited to birthday parties, ethnic celebrations, appreciation activities, and student organization fund raising sales, must have been purchased from a commercial operation that complies fully with health department procedures and must be in a sealed package or container that lists the ingredients or contents.

This restriction does not apply to food items:

Prepared as part of lessons specified in the District's curriculum for the appropriate class;

Sold as part of PTA/PTO or Booster club fund raising events outside of regular school hours; or

Provided to students and/or staff by a Booster organization before, during, and/or after an extracurricular activity.

Security Cameras

Security cameras are located throughout the kitchen and serving lines to safeguard staff, food, and money.

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DATE ISSUED: 4/18/2005