Allocation of Nonduty Days

Contract staff members and all eligible at-will employees on a 12-month contract year are eligible to accrue nonduty days.

Allocation of nonduty days is as follows:

The number of nonduty days provided to staff members equals the difference between 365/366 calendar days and the number of required contract workdays plus the number of scheduled holidays.

Nonduty days will be advanced but will not be prorated. Throughout the year a staff member may use nonduty days that are advanced at the beginning of the year; however, if he or she does not complete the required number of workdays, he or she will be docked for the nonduty days he or she had used when he or she received his or her final paycheck.

Nonduty days will not be paid vacation days.

Unused Nonduty Days

Nonduty days must be used during the contract year in which the days are earned.

Nonexempt Employees

Nonexempt employees:

Must use nonduty days during the contract year.

May not carry nonduty days over from year to year.

Supervisors will work with nonexempt employees to ensure that nonduty days are used during the contract year.

Exempt Employees

Exempt employees must use nonduty days during the contract year or the days will be lost.

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LDU 2008.10

DATE ISSUED: 10/21/2008