Required Professional Development Learning Hours for Pay Purposes

Based on the District's Professional Learning Plan, all teachers, regardless of years of experience, will be required to complete 50 District-approved professional staff development hours in accordance with the following guidelines:


The workshops or courses attended may be during or after contract hours.

The staff professional learning experience must be approved in advance by the campus principal.

Workshops or courses must relate to the teacher's teaching position and must be directed toward helping the teacher improve teaching performance resulting in student success and campus improvement

All District-offered workshops are approved if the topic is relevant to the teaching position of the teacher.

Other staff development activities that count with prior approval include the following:

Curriculum development, content knowledge, instructional technology, assessment, curriculum resources, instructional engagement, classroom management, learning environments, gifted and talented, specialized program area content, and leadership.

Presentation of staff development activities (counts double the number of hours of the actual presentation).

College courses related to the participant's teaching position (each credit hour equals 15 professional development hours). These courses do not count toward staff development if they are taken to remove a deficiency to earn a certificate or endorsement.

School-developed workshops approved by the Associate Superintendent for Curriculum and Instructional services or designee.

Workshops provided by professional organizations, regional service centers, and the Harris County Department of Education.

Conference Sessions related to the teacher's teaching position.

Extended Professional Learning Time (EPLT), Morning STAAR, Professional Learning Communities Meetings, and campus staff trainings.

Book Studies.

Online Training

Examples of professional development experiences that may not count toward the 50 hours are:

Peer coaching or peer observation during the school day.

Curriculum development or a staff development workshop during the school day.

Professional Learning unrelated to the teaching position (e.g., foreign language teacher enrolled in an evening aerobics class, secondary social studies teacher taking a workshop on the use of mathematics manipulative in the primary classroom).

College courses related to a field of study that is not associated with the employee's assignment or leading to an education-related certification or degree.

College courses taken for the purpose of gaining initial certification as a condition of employment.

The period for earning the 50 hours runs from April 1 – March 31 of each year.

The professional development hours do not carry over from one year to the next. A new 50 hours must be earned each year [see DMA(LOCAL)].

Staff members will have access to and be expected to monitor their accumulated staff development hours annually.

Minimum expectations for professional learning for all teachers includes proficiency of lesson design, pedagogy, classroom management and technology use as required for the position.

In accordance with SBEC, teachers certified after September 1, 1999, are required to obtain 150 hours of professional learning over increments of five years to maintain their certification. Other employees certified after September 1, 1999, are required to complete 200 hours over increments of five years. Employees will follow state guidelines for taking appropriate professional development courses for maintaining certification. Employees will maintain their own records for certification hours. [See]

During the formative (goal setting) conferences of the teacher appraisal system, individual professional learning plans will be designed and approved by each employee and the employee's principal/supervisor. The individual professional learning plan will identify goals for improving the employee's job performance. Completion of the designated training will be reviewed as a portion of the summative conference. [See DNA]

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LDU 2013.07

DATE ISSUED: 8/30/2013