Appraisal System

The formal appraisal of District teachers shall be in accordance with the Texas Teacher Evaluation and Support System (T-TESS) developed by the Texas Education Agency (TEA).

General Requirements

District teachers shall be appraised annually.

The District shall establish an appraisal calendar each year.

Components of the appraisal system shall comply with the required rubric established by TEA and may include, but are not limited to, a written self-assessment, goal-setting and professional development, formal and informal classroom observations and walk-throughs, and conferences. The appraisal process shall produce a Summative Score Report to be presented to the teacher, signed by the teacher and appraiser, and maintained in the personnel file.

Walk-Throughs and Observations

Formal walk-throughs and observations may be announced or unannounced. After each formal observation, a teacher shall receive feedback through a written document and a conference with the appraiser. After each formal walk-through, a teacher shall receive feedback through a written document from the appraiser.

Designation of Teacher Appraiser

A teacher appraiser must be the principal, the associate principal, or the assistant principal and must be a certified T-TESS appraiser.

Second Appraisal Request

A teacher who has received a Summative Score Report with which he or she disagrees may request a second appraisal by another appraiser by submitting a written request to the chief school officer or designee.

The request for a second appraisal must be made within ten working days of receiving the Summative Score Report.

Appointment of Second Appraiser

The chief school officer or designee shall designate a principal, associate principal, or assistant principal from another campus to conduct the second appraisal, as follows:

Procedure for Second Appraisal

The second appraiser shall conduct at least one formal observation, which may be announced or unannounced.

The second appraiser shall appraise the teacher in all domains and shall make observations, conduct walk-throughs, and review documentation as necessary to evaluate all domains.

The second appraiser shall use cumulative data from the first appraisal to evaluate all domains and prepare a Summative Score Report.

The second appraiser shall provide a copy of the completed Summative Score Report and any supporting documentation to the teacher, the campus principal, and the chief school officer or designee. Ratings from both appraisers shall be averaged for a final rating in each domain. This final Summative Score Report shall be provided to the teacher and a conference shall be held with the teacher, the second appraiser, the principal, and the original appraiser (if someone other than the principal).


Complaints regarding teacher appraisal shall be addressed in accordance with DGBA(LOCAL).

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LDU 2015.05

DATE ISSUED: 8/27/2015