Private School—District Placed

Student Receives IEP

Private School—Parent Placed

Offer of FAPE Rejected

Student Receives ISP

FAPE Offered but Not Provided


Home School Students

Individualized Services Plan (ISP)

Dual Enrollment

  1. The student's ARD committee shall develop an IEP designed to provide the student with FAPE in the least restrictive environment (LRE).
  2. From the IEP, the parent and the district shall determine which special education and/or related services will be provided to the student and the location where those services will be provided, based on the requirements concerning placement in the LRE and the policies and procedures of the district.
  3. The district shall be responsible for employing and supervising the personnel providing the service, providing the needed instructional materials, and maintaining pupil accounting records. Materials and services provided shall be consistent with those provided for students enrolled only in the public school and shall remain the property of the district.

Responsible District


District Charter Schools

Residential Facilities

Identification of Students

District Placements

Out-of-State Placements

School for the Blind and Visually Impaired and School for the Deaf

  1. The availability of programs offered.
  2. The eligibility and admissions requirements.
  3. The student's rights to admission and to appeal admission decisions.

Adult Prisons

  1. Federal requirements pertaining to participation of students with disabilities in general assessments;
  2. Requirements concerning transition planning and transition services, if the children's eligibility will end, because of their age, before they will be released from prison.

Spring ISD



DATE ISSUED: 11/6/2019