Students Living Separate and Apart from Guardian

For a student moving into the District to reside with a person other than his or her parents, the District resident with whom the student resides must complete an Application for Determination of Residence of a minor living apart from the parent, guardian, or other person having lawful control under court order [see FD(EXHIBIT)– A], indicating that the resident assumes parental responsibility for the student.

Students must reside in the District on a full-time basis. "Full-time" means that the student spends the majority of nights in his or her residence in the District. Driving into the District to attend school while residing outside the District is unacceptable. Residing in the District only on school nights is also unacceptable to establish residency.

Proof of residency may be established by a lease with the student's name on the lease. The apartment manager or homeowner must verify that the student is a full-time resident within the District.

The principal may ask the school attendance officer to investigate to verify residency. If the attendance officer finds evidence that the student resides outside the District:

The student will be withdrawn,

The parent will be charged tuition, and

The parent may be subject to criminal charges for providing false enrollment data.

Foreign Exchange Students

Number of Students Accepted

Up to five exchange students at each high school will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis after meeting the criteria for admission.

Criteria for Admission

Criteria for admission of a foreign exchange student to a District high school include:

The applicant must be a participant in one of the State Department-approved foreign exchange programs listed in the Advisory List of International Educational Travel and Exchange Programs from the Council on Standards for International Educational Travel.

The applicant must be proficient enough in the English language to enroll in regular education classes.

The applicant must be at least 15 years of age, but no more than 18 years and six months on September 1 of the school year for which he or she is applying for admission.

The first five applicants at each high school meeting the above criteria and submitting completed application packets will be approved for admission.


The application packet, to be completed by the foreign exchange student's agent applying for admission to the District, must contain:

An official, original transcript:

Students not desiring to graduate from a District high school must provide a transcript reflecting courses taken through the school year prior to application for admission, along with a description of those courses and the duration of each course.

Students desiring to graduate from a District high school and to participate in graduation ceremonies must provide:

A transcript for work completed through the last semester before August of the placement year.

An evaluation of the transcript for grade placement by an American translator association-certified organization at the foreign exchange program's expense that provides:

A description of the grading system;

A description of the courses taken; and

An explanation of the number of hours of instruction completed during each full grading period.

A copy of a birth certificate or passport.

A completed statement of understanding [see FD(EXHIBIT)–B].

A completed checklist [see FD(EXHIBIT)–C].

Enrollment and Placement

Enrollment and placement requirements for foreign exchange students are as follows:

Requirements at the time of enrollment will include:

Submission of transcript of courses taken the school year prior to enrollment;

Submission of current immunization records; and

Enrollment in six classes (enrollment in English as a Second Language (ESOL) class is not permitted).

Placement in courses will be subject to school evaluation.

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LDU 2010.04

DATE ISSUED: 5/17/2010