Prescription Medications

Medication may be administered to a student by District staff members provided:

A written request to administer the medication has been submitted to the nurse, health clerk (Exhibit A), or to the trainer (Exhibit B) of the school by the parent, legal guardian, or other persons having legal control of the student.

The person administering the medication is a nurse, health clerk, athletic trainer, or other District staff member who has been assigned by the school principal to administer medication and trained in the proper procedure for administering medication by the RN school nurse or institution authorized by state statutes to provide such training.

The medication is to be in the original container. It must be properly labeled and within current dosage and expiration timelines.

Prescription medication must be of United States origin.

The administration of prescription drugs, medicines, or therapy is under the supervision of the RN school nurse or athletic trainer.

All drugs or medicines are kept in a secure manner and refrigerated, if necessary.

Clinic staff reserve the right to refuse to administer any medication that, in his or her judgment, is not appropriate for the student.

If medication times are not exact, parents will be encouraged to administer all medications at home.


In addition to the above applying, an injection may be administered to a student provided:

A life-threatening or emergency situation exists for the student.

A written statement from a physician licensed to practice medicine in one of the states of the United States is submitted to the nurse, health clerk, or trainer indicating that the student is not capable of self-injection.

A preprepared injector is used when available and appropriate for the student.

The personnel administering the injection has been trained by a registered nurse.

Nonprescription Medications

Nonprescription medications:

Over-the-counter medications will be given only as prescribed on the label unless accompanied by a physician's order.

Over-the-counter medications must be of United States origin.

Vitamins, herbal preparations, anabolic steroids, or health food supplements of any type will not be administered by District nurses or employees.

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DATE ISSUED: 1/26/2004