District staff members shall comply fully with the responsibilities imposed by the Texas Family Code 261.101 and Board policy FFG (LEGAL).

Building Procedures for Reporting

Each person having cause to believe that a child has been abused or neglected shall immediately make a report to Children's Protective Services (CPS) or the Spring ISD Police Department.

In addition to making the report, the person suspecting abuse shall contact the building counselor, nurse, and/or principal.

The principal or designee shall consult on appropriate immediate action (in no case later than 48 hours of original referral).

Feedback on action taken shall be given to the original reporter who is not relieved of the obligation to see that a report is filed even if the individual must act independently.

Authorized officials conducting child abuse investigations shall have access to the child in the school for interviewing purposes. [See GRA]

School staff members shall leave investigative efforts and contact with the parent to the Harris County Children's Protective Service workers.

The Community Youth Service (CYS) worker will be notified and will follow up on all known CPS referrals to ascertain if counseling and/or other support services for the child and family have been initiated.

All school staff members shall have periodic review of these related building procedures including the confidential nature of the fact of the report and any of its contents.

Reporting Procedures

Reports shall be made to Harris County CPS (1-800-252-5400) within 48 hours.

A copy of the report shall be sent to the District special services office for central filing.

Reports shall also be filed with the District police department when there is an incident of sexual contact or intercourse by students.


No copy of the report to Harris County CPS shall be maintained in the school concerning reported abuse/neglect cases.

No photographs of injuries shall be taken unless directed by Harris County CPS personnel. That request shall be noted on the written report form.

The records in the District's special services office shall be permanent. The maintenance of this central file shall serve to trace youngsters from level to level, to identify abusive families, and to ensure existing documentation even if school personnel change.

The file shall be accessible only to administrators and CYS workers. Such personnel are encouraged to make use of the file when reaching decisions on child abuse referrals.

District Liaison with CPS

The District liaison with Harris County CPS is the Executive Director of Special Services.

Spring ISD



DATE ISSUED: 6/14/2004