The head coach for each University Interscholastic League-sanctioned varsity athletic team shall be responsible for ensuring the eligibility of each student to participate by performing the following tasks:

Submit a roster of ALL athletes on the particular team to the head trainer of the school.

Assist the head trainer or designee with collection of all data required on the Spring ISD Athletic Documents Check-off List.

Confirm that the Spring ISD Athletic Documents Check-off List is completed in a timely manner and is presented to the Associate Principal for Administration by the head trainer.

Confirm that the head trainer has sent the Completed Eligibility Form to the UIL and to the chairman of the UIL District executive committee.

Ensure that each coach takes a supply of physical examination cards to each contest that is away from the District.

All athletic schedules must be approved by the principal before an activity is official.

Overnight trips during the regular season (excluding post-season games) will be allowed under the following restrictions:

The trip must be approved in advance by the principal. Such approval must include the estimated cost and the source of funding.

Appropriate expenses must be paid by the school with funds provided solely by nontax revenues.

Parents shall not be contacted for monies earmarked for overnight trips.

Booster clubs and individuals cannot earmark donated monies, but can recommend how monies are to be used.

Monies must be deposited in the high school activity account.

Fundraising projects must be approved by the principal and the Superintendent's office. [See FJ]

District or charter buses must be used for travel. No personal vehicles shall be used.

Request for overnight activities shall be submitted to the building principal on a Regular Season Overnight Trip Request Form. [Exhibit A]

Spring ISD



DATE ISSUED: 3/13/2000