Fire Prevention Instruction

Fire prevention instruction shall be given each school year. Minimum requirements are found in the Fire Prevention Handbook for Texas Public Schools published by the fire insurance division of the State Board of Insurance. Near the end of each school year and upon request, principals shall submit to the assistant superintendent of administrative services a report certifying that their school has met the minimum requirements in fire prevention.

Fire Drills

Principals shall have the required fire drills each month and meet the specifications of the fire insurance division of the State Board of Insurance in teaching fire prevention in the required grades. All building personnel shall participate in drills.

Tornado and Civil Defense Drills

Drills for emergency preparedness shall be held periodically to give students experience in appropriate behavior in the event of emergencies.

Weather Conditions

Each principal shall arrange to provide adequate supervision in the building for students arriving early or waiting late on rainy days or in bad weather.

The District shall hold the schools open all day regardless of weather as long as the building can be comfortably heated and students can get to school. If it becomes necessary to dismiss a school because of lack of heat, the principal shall advise the Superintendent personally before dismissal. Cafeteria staff shall make every effort to serve the teachers and students present.

Absences during extremely inclement weather shall be governed by the following regulations:

All District personnel in the various functions shall address themselves to proper procedures that lead to the opening of schools one hour after the scheduled opening time, and shall follow instructions from principals or department heads concerned with the implementation of these procedures.

Personnel not present on these days shall be charged with personal business leave or local leave or have their salaries adjusted accordingly if all local leave has been exhausted.

Exceptions to the above policies may be made only at the discretion of the Superintendent.

The Superintendent shall decide whether or not school will be held on extremely inclement days.

Decision to Close Schools

The Superintendent shall delegate members of the central staff and principals to conduct extensive research to determine whether or not it is advisable or feasible to declare schools open when inclement weather is forecast or prevalent. The agencies that assist the District in reaching a decision about opening or closing schools are the weather bureau, city sanitation division, transit company, utilities, and the like. Also involved in gathering data are various central staff personnel who drive the streets in their respective neighborhoods to decide if the streets are passable. The survey shall be conducted as early as 4:30 a.m. when necessary.


If the schools are to be closed, the assistant superintendent of administrative services shall notify the media so that students, parents, and employees can make plans accordingly.

Schools and departments are encouraged to follow these recommendations:

Organize a car pool.

Establish a communications network so that all employees are informed as early as possible of the decision made.

Require each employee to have contingency plans.

Reporting for Work

Employees who work in maintenance, custodial, bus maintenance, and security shall report to work regardless of whether school is in session.

All employees shall report to their respective assignments on time when the decision to open schools has been made.

Any employee who fails to report to his or her assignment when schools have been declared open shall use a personal business or local leave day for each day absent. Employees who do not have personal business or local leave days available shall have their salaries adjusted for each day of absence.

Bomb Threats

From time to time bomb threats are telephoned to the schools. In the event of a bomb threat within the school, the following procedures shall be observed:

Campus administration shall immediately notify the following:

City and county law enforcement officials.

Security personnel.

The Superintendent.

In all cases, a thorough inspection of the building shall be made with the custodian and other appropriate personnel.

Dismissal of school or fire drills shall not be standard practice when bomb threats are received.

The Superintendent shall be notified when a final check of the building has been completed.

In the event a bomb or other incendiary device is detected, emergency procedures shall be implemented.

Hallsville ISD



DATE ISSUED: 11/11/1991