Tuberculosis Screening

All students entering District schools for the first time in any grade shall provide evidence of having received tuberculosis screening in accordance with regional and county health department guidelines. Foreign exchange students shall have a TB test at the time of enrollment in District schools.

UIL Participation

A student desiring to participate in the UIL athletic program shall undergo a physical examination in accordance with the required schedule established by the UIL and shall submit a statement from an authorized health-care provider indicating that the student has been examined and is physically able to participate in the athletic program. In years that a physical examination is not required, the student shall complete a medical appraisal form. A student may be required to have a physical examination based on answers to the appraisal form.

Additional Screening

The District may provide additional screening as District and community resources permit.


Parents of students identified through any screening programs as needing treatment or further examination shall be advised of the need and referred to appropriate health agencies.

Notice of Lice

A school nurse or administrator who discovers or becomes aware that a child enrolled in a District elementary school has lice shall provide written or electronic notice to parents within the time frames prescribed in law.

Hallsville ISD



DATE ISSUED: 10/18/2017