The Board shall have complete authority to name any District campus, building, property, or portion thereof. The following guidelines shall govern the naming of all District facilities:

  1. A facility may be named after a person who has served the District or community.
  2. A facility may be named after any local, state, or national heroic figure.
  3. A facility may be named after any local, state, or national geographic area.
  4. A facility may be named after a corporation or organization that has made a significant contribution to society or education.

A name shall not be considered if the named individual, group, or organization is not in compliance with the District's core beliefs and values or the terms of an agreement entered into with the District.


The nomination shall be presented in writing on a form provided by the District and shall consist of a brief, three-paragraph statement containing the following:

  1. Biographical data;
  2. The significant contribution; and
  3. An impact statement explaining why a District facility should be named after the person.

Impact statements must demonstrate how the services of the individual, group, or organization have significantly impacted the lives of citizens. Examples include:

  1. Enhanced learning opportunities;
  2. Building stronger schools, homes, or churches;
  3. Protecting the environment;
  4. Reducing crime;
  5. Providing a safe place with structured activities during and after school or nonschool hours;
  6. Contribution to justice;
  7. Contributions to civil rights or human rights; or
  8. Contribution to the arts.

A petition shall not be considered by the Board as a criterion for consideration.

Nomination Committee

Each Board member shall appoint one member to the nomination committee. The committee shall elect a chairperson during its first meeting. The committee chairperson shall work with the Superintendent to disseminate information regarding the nomination process and any applicable deadlines.

Conflict of Interest

A person shall not be eligible to serve on the nominating committee if his or her name, family name, or relative is being considered for a District facility.

A person shall not be eligible to serve on the nominating committee if the person is related by consanguinity (blood) within the third degree or by affinity (marriage) within the second degree to a person whose name is being considered for a District facility.

If a conflict of interest occurs during the nominating process, one of the following shall occur:

  1. The name nominated for the facility shall be withdrawn from consideration by the person or group who made the nomination.
  2. The person with whom the conflict of interest exists shall be excused from the nominating committee and replaced by the Board member who made the appointment to the committee.

Nomination Process

The committee shall review all timely submitted nominations and determine three recommendations to submit to the Board for consideration.

Approval Process

The committee shall provide a report to the Board that includes the recommended names for the District facility. The suggested names shall be made public following the report to the Board.

The Board shall vote on a name at the next scheduled Board meeting following the meeting in which the top nominations were announced.

Renaming of Facilities and Memorials

The Board, in its sole discretion after consideration and deliberation and making a determination that such action is in the best interest of the District, may remove the name of any facility or memorial whose name is no longer relevant or desirable.

The process for renaming the facility shall follow the facility and memorial naming process.

Dedication Plaques

Dedication plaques shall be placed in each new District facility and shall include the name of the building; the dedication year; the bond program; the names of all Board members and the name of the Superintendent at the time the contract for the new building was approved; the names of all Board members and Superintendent at the time of the dedication; the architect, general contractor, project manager, and chief operations officer for the facility; and the District chief construction officer. To the extent practicable, all plaques shall be of a standard and consistent size, color, and font. Board offices shall be included with the names of the Trustees.

Dedication plaques for new additions to existing facilities shall follow the same standards as those set out above but shall be no larger than the original dedication plaques.


Memorials on campuses, facilities, property, or portions thereof shall follow these guidelines:

  1. Any memorial or similar type of addition, property, or fixture to be erected on or attached to grounds or facilities shall be approved by the Board.
  2. The proposal submitted to the Board for dedication of a facility or part of a facility in memory of an individual shall be accompanied by the completed District form for a memorial recommendation. The proposal shall include a plan developed by the petitioners outlining all aspects of the memorial, including the proposed site to be dedicated, a short history or biographical sketch of the person to be honored, the dedication process, any associated costs, and the source of funds to be used.


By majority vote, the Board may identify District facilities or portions of facilities that are available for naming rights. The District shall solicit sponsorships to be granted naming rights based on evaluation criteria reviewed and approved by the Board. Any agreement to allow naming rights for a District facility shall include the following:

  1. The length of the term for which the facility will maintain the name;
  2. The fee or consideration the District will receive in exchange for the right to name a facility; and
  3. The responsibilities and rights of the naming entity and the District regarding signage, proper use of the name, and use of logos or emblems.

San Marcos CISD


LDU 2018.03

DATE ISSUED: 3/22/2018