The Board shall have final authority both in naming and renaming District facilities.

Name Recommendation Committee

When the Board desires that a District facility be named or renamed, it shall direct the District Advisory Council (DAC) to appoint a name recommendation committee, composed of the following representatives:

One employee or administrator from each campus.

One employee or administrator from the District's central office.

Two community representatives who are not the parents of current District students.

Two current District students who are not the children of current Board members or members of the name recommendation committee.

Three parents of current District students.

Name Guidelines

The following guidelines shall be used in the naming or renaming of campuses:

District facilities may be named for local residential areas, local geographic features, or local, state, or national landmarks.

District facilities shall not be named for persons, living or deceased.

Particular portions or areas of District facilities shall not be separately named, unless so named prior to the adoption of this policy.

Name Selection

The name recommendation committee shall solicit and consider names for each District facility submitted by the Board. After due time for consideration of names received from all sources, the committee shall recommend three names to the Board for each District facility. At a regularly scheduled meeting, the Board shall officially select a name for each submitted District facility, either from among the recommendations submitted by the committee or another name selected by the Board.

Dripping Springs ISD


LDU 2019.01

DATE ISSUED: 6/26/2019